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Carolina de Lima

ICTY Office of the Prosecutor, 1994-95; ICTY Victims and Witnesses Unit, 1995-2000 Delima Profile Photo

An interview with Carolina de Lima, conducted on 24 May 2015 in The Hague by David P. Briand and Leigh Swigart.

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Interview content

In this interview, Ms. de Lima reminisces about how she learned of and then joined the ICTY shortly after its establishment; the working atmosphere of the ICTY when it had fewer than 200 employees; models provided by women leaders in the Registry, Chambers, and Office of the Prosecutor; the initial establishment of policies and regulations at the Tribunal; working on the Srebenica trials; interactions with a courageous rape victim who testified; the trauma of Dutchbat soldiers who were stationed in the Balkans. She discusses the types of support provided to witnesses who came to the ICTY to testify; the UN staff hierarchy and frustrations felt by ICTY employees; the process of figuring out administrative procedures; the process of identifying and tracking down witnesses; the challenges of assisting protected witnesses; the creation of an ICTY “how-to” video to prepare witnesses to testify; how her views on the work of the Tribunal have changed as she has grown older and more experienced.