Isabelle Lambert


Personal Assistant to International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia Registrar, 1994-2009; Temporary Personal Assistant to the ICTY Prosecutor, 2007-2008; Senior Staff Administrator in the Registry, 2009-2011; Administrative Assistant to the ICTY President Meron, 2011-2015; Administrative Assistant to MICT President Meron, 2015-present

An interview with Isabelle Lambert, conducted on 27 May 2015 in The Hague by David P. Briand and Leigh Swigart.

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Interview content

In her interview, Ms. Lambert reminisces about the informality of the early days at the Tribunal; the effect of the American “gratis personnel” on the development of the Tribunal; details of the transfer of Duško Tadić to The Hague; the effect of the Tadić Case on the Tribunal in organizing the indictment for Slobodan Milošević; the response by the Tribunal after the death of Milošević; impressions of working under Prosecutor Carla del Ponte; the different experience working in the Tribunal under President Theodor Meron. She discusses contrasts between working at the Tribunal and the United Nations; the logistics of setting up Tribunal offices and courtrooms; the psychological effects of the proceedings on Tribunal interpreters; and the varied responsibilities of the Dutch Government vis-à-vis the functioning of the Tribunal.

Biographical information

Isabelle Lambert was born in Thonon-les-Bains, France. She received a secretarial and administrative degree from the international School Pegue in Geneva in 1984. Ms. Lambert worked in a variety of staff positions at the ICTY over its lifetime: Personal Assistant to the Registrar (1994-2009); Temporary Personal Assistant to the Prosecutor (2007-2008); Senior Staff Administrator in the Registry (2009-2011); and Personal Assistant to Theodor Meron (2011 to present), who served as ICTY President in the beginning of this period and later became President of the residual Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals (MICT). Ms. Lambert transitioned fully to MICT in 2012.