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Other Activities and Events

The Center often organizes conferences, lectures, and projects that touch on matters of human rights and social justice, or reflect on developments in the world of international justice and related fields. These activities take place both on and off the Brandeis campus.

R2PThe Responsibility to Protect at 10: The Challenge of Protecting the World's Most Vulnerable Populations (3/8/15-3/9/15)

FerenczReplacing the Rule of Force with the Rule of Law (11/7/14)

Global Justice

Exploring Global Justice: Perspectives from Young Scholars and Practitioners (Spring 2014)

UN Peace

The Rule of Law Comes Home: Can the UN Live Up to its Own High Standards? (3/11/13)

brazil Brazil’s Balancing Act: Reconciling the Demands of Economic Development, Environmental Protection, and Indigenous Rights (3/5/13)

Prince Zeid

Beyond Nuremberg: The Future of International Criminal Justice (1/30/13)

Just Performance"Just Performance: Enacting Justice in the Wake of Violence" symposium (12/2/11 - 12/2/11)

JallowInternational Criminal Justice: Developments and Reflections on the Future – Hassan Bubacar Jallow, Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (11/30/09)

Gaza Report EventThe Challenge of the UN Gaza Report: Justice Richard Goldstone and former Israeli ambassador Dore Gold discuss the report at Brandeis forum (11/5/09)

LegacyThe Legacy of International Criminal Courts and Tribunals in Africa (12/14/07)
Conference Report (February 2010)


Know Your Rights!
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Prisoner of ConscienceTelling the Story (9/15/05 - 9/16/05)

Conference Report 


International Prosecutors Colloquium (11/24/04 - 11/27/04) 
Colloquium Report: The Challenges of International Criminal Justice

Justice Across CulturesJustice Across Cultures
Summary and selected papers
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Kosovo MapIntervention and Prevention: The Lessons of Kosovo
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