2001 News Archive

December 2001

ECSF Celebration (12/06/2001)

The Monstrous Case: Stalin's Assault on the Jewish Antifascist Committee (12/04/2001)

Sari Nusseibeh, PLO Commissioner for Jerusalem Affairs,Calls for a Return to Negotiations (12/03/2001)

November 2001

When Intent Makes All the Difference in the World: Economic Sanctions on Iraq and the Accusation of Genocide (11/26/2001)

Kerry Kennedy Cuomo Criticizes Actions of the Bush Administration (11/21/2001)

After September 11: The View from Abroad (11/13/2001)

October 2001

ECSF Presentation Series: Bridging the Divide between Hope & Cynicism: Peace Work in Sri Lanka and the Middle East (10/30/2001)

ECSF Presentation Series: Youth in Northern Ireland and South Africa: Growth and Ingenuity amidst Conflict (10/23/2001)

Board member Ismat Kittani passes away (10/23/2001)

Community Meeting Announcement (10/18/2001)

Center board member Sari Nusseibeh appointed the Palestinian political representative in Jerusalem (10/17/2001)

Uri Avnery: Beyond Retribution, Towards a New Middle East (10/11/2001)

ECSF Presentation Series: Liberated Voices: Women's Empowerment in an Unreconciled South Africa (10/04/2001)

July 2001

Brandeis Seminars
Center receives grant for continued series on juvenile justice

Aang Serian Peace Village: Preserving and Promoting Maasai Culture (07/26/2001)
A Presentation and Slide Show by Aang Serian founders, Lesikar Ole Ngila and Yunus Rafiq

From Tippecat to Alumbulic: Traditional Creativity and the Application of Folklore in Coexistence (07/16/2001)
Dr. Simon Lichman of the Centre for Creativity in Education and Cultural Heritage, Jerusalem, discussed the 'Traditional Creativity Through School Communities Project' as a model for cross-cultural, multi-generational coexistence education.