2002 News Archive

December 2002

Announcing the publication of the third BIIC annual report (12/17/2002)

The Rose Art Museum presents Coexistence: Contemporary Cultural Production in South Africa (12/16/2002)

Constructing Inter-Ethnic Coexistence in Divided Societies (12/16/2002)

Slifka Program hosts "Arts and Reconciliation: A Conversation" (12/07/2002 - 12/08/2002)

Cynthia Cohen speaks on Brandeis Coexistence Initiatives in the Middle East (12/06/2002)

ECSF 2003 Student Fellows selected

The work of the 2002 ECSF Fellows is now available online (PDF)

Diana Chigaspresents "Small Projects and Grand Visions: How Do We Get From Here to There?" Reflections on Coexistence Initiatives in Southeastern Europe (12/02/2002)

Mari Fitzduff presents "War Lords to Peace Lords?" (12/02/2002)

November 2002

Now available: the report from Brandeis Institute for International Judges (BIIJ) 2002

The Conquest of Fear in an Age of Terror (11/25/2002)
A talk by Kevin Clements

Cynthia Cohen discusses the role of arts in reconciliation (11/24/2002)

New ethics professor Marion Smiley discusses her work and the Center with the Brandeis Reporter(PDF) (11/19/2002)

The Cuban Missile Crisis Remembered - a talk with Theodore C. Sorensen (11/19/2002)

Promises star speaks at forum - a report from the Justice (11/19/2002)

Arab-Jewish Dialogue Group screens Promises (11/17/2002)
The film chronicles the lives and opinions of seven Jewish and Arab children in and around Jerusalem between 1997 and 2000.

Center Board Member Diego Arria appointed to the United Nations (11/15/2002)

"Zapata's Garden" Film Screening (11/13/2002)

Kanan Makiya discusses the possibility of war with Iraq on National Public Radio

CHYME (11/04/2002)
The Justice
, Brandeis's weekly student paper, reports on the CHYME institute.

Brandeis in the Berkshires '03
Israel, Islam, justice, politics among topics

The Boston Globe reports on Center faculty associate Kanan Makiya (11/03/2002)

October 2002

Board member Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah takes up new post (10/30/2002)

Barry Rubin discusses the possibility of a war with Iraq with The Daily News Tribune (PDF) (10/24/2002)

War with Iraq: Implications for the Middle East (10/23/2002)
A talk by Professor Barry Rubin with the Global Research in International Affairs Center, Lauder School of Government Policy and Diplomacy Interdisciplinary Center, Herziliya

Board Chair Theodore C. Sorensen attends conference on Cuba (10/18/2002)

September 2002

ECSF Presentation Series: Sri Lanka: Transforming Confict in a Developing Nation (9/30/2002)

ECSF Presentation Series: Everybody Hurts: Vying for Victimhood in Northern Ireland (09/23/2002)

Global Partnerships for Education (PDF)
A new Center publication

August 2002

Forward highlights Forsan Hussein, former Student Fellow (08/30/2002)

"Jordan's Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" with Dr. Jawad Anani, former Chief of the Jordanian Royal Court and member of the Jordanian Peace Negotiation Delegation (8/29/2002)

July 2002

Eye on Iraq (July 31, 2002)
Kanan Makiya sketches 'vision' for U.S. action

Southie Survivor: Susan Ulrich (ECSF '02) told herself she could do better, and did

Notice of Position Opening
Director of the Master's Program in Intercommunal Coexistence at Brandeis University

June 2002

Hans Corell, Under-Secretary General for Legal Affairs for the United Nations spoke on international law, international courts, and the globalized legal order (06/10/2002)

May 2002

Forum: A Future for Colombia: Contributions from the Exile (05/18/2002)

Weapons of Mass Destruction - Henry Linschitz & Gregory Petsko, Brandeis University (PDF) (05/06/2002)

Artistic Responses to Catastrophe - Nancy Scottt, Brandeis University; Ellen Driscoll, Rhode Island School of Design (PDF) (05/01/2002)

April 2002

Israeli soldier brings refusal movement to Brandeis (04/24/2002)
Guy Grossman, Lieutenant (Reserves) Israel Defense Forces, and one of the Founders of Ometz Le'Sarev-The Courage to Refuse

CANCELED EVENT: The Middle East: A View from Jerusalem (04/23/2002)
Sari Nusseibeh, President of Al-Quds University and senior Palestinian political representative in Jerusalem, was scheduled to speak at Brandeis

September 11 and International Law - Anne-Marie Slaughter, Harvard University (PDF) (04/22/2002)

Homeland Security and Civil Liberties - Harvey Silverglate, Attorney (PDF) (04/17/2002)

Following the Money - Lynne Federman, J.P Morgan/Chase Manhattan; Jane Hughes, Brandeis University (PDF) (04/10/2002)

A Global War on Terrorism? Political, Legal and Ethical Problems - Stanley Hoffmann, Harvard University (PDF) (04/08/2002)

Philanthropist funds Brandeis peaceful coexistence program (04/02/2002)

March 2002

Maternal Harm and the Ethics of Child Welfare Policy (03/20/2002)
Dorothy Roberts, Professor of Law, Northwestern Law School

September 11 and its Consequences - Thomas L. Friedman '75, The New York Times (PDF) (03/19/2002)

Western Religion, Violence, and Peacemaking - James Carroll, writer; Kanan Makiya and Arthur Green, Brandeis University (PDF) (03/18/2002)

The Sovereignty Principle in a Global Democracy: Thoughts on Transforming the System of Nation States (03/15/2002)
A talk by Professor Matthias Lutz-Bachmann, J.W. Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany

From the Gulf War to September 11 - Kanan Makiya, Brandeis University (PDF) (03/13/2002)

Revelation and Concealment in the Transmission of Intellectual Traditions (03/12/2002)

Understanding Radical Islam (03/06/2002)

The Rock: Jerusalem's Sacred Space (03/03/2002)
Responses to Kanan Makiya's novel, The Rock, is now available online

February 2002

Manual for a Raid: The Hijackers and Their Sources - Kanan Makiya, Brandeis University (PDF) (02/25/2002)

A Promise and a Way of Life: White Antiracist Activism (02/14/2002)
Becky Thompson Ph.D. '86, sociology professor at Simmons College

Freedom from Fear: Shaping the Human Rights Agenda Post-September 11 (02/06/2002)
Felice Gaer, The Blaustein Institute

Gershom Gorenberg "In the Eye of the Storm: Jerusalem and the Palestinian/Israli Conflict" (02/05/2002)

Christopher Hitchens kicks off lecture series; scolds political left (02/04/2002)

January 2002

The War and the American Left - Christopher Hitchens, The Nation (PDF) (01/30/2002)