2005 News Archive

December 2005

New Publication: The Psychology of Resolving Global Conflicts
A three-volume set co-edited by Mari Fitzduff, director of the master's program in Coexistence and Conflict at Brandeis University

C-SPAN Radio to Air Speech Given at Brandeis by Israeli Supreme Court Justice Ayala Procaccia
Broadcast scheduled for Dec. 25 at 10 am

Ethics Center Board Member Richard Goldstone Chairs Meeting at Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice (12/12/2005 - 12/13/2005)
The meeting examined the new International Criminal Court and its function in ongoing conflicts.

Newcomers Among Us: A Seminar for Catholic Charities Refugee Resettlement Program (12/12/2005)
The coming together of diverse staff members from Catholic Charities Refugree Resettlement Program of Boston provided a space to discuss the challenges of their work.

Coexistence International Hosts Meeting of Leaders in the Field (12/01/2005 - 12/02/2005)
Fifteen scholars and practitioners participated in the event at Brandeis House in New York City.

November 2005

"Surviving the Dirty War" -- An Argentinian ex-political prisoner discusses torture and the School of the Americas (11/30/2005)

Architect Julian Bonder Speaks on his Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery (11/21/2005)

Brandeis Leadership Peace-Building Workshop (11/19/2005)

Artist Conducts Performance and Week-Long Collaborative Workshop (11/14/2005 - 11/19/2005)

Annual Benson Saler Address -- "Faithful Terror: Aum Shinrikyo's 'Holy War' and its Implications for the Study of Contemporary Religious Terrorism (11/17/2005)

Geobodies: Performance Art Exploring Boundaries (11/15/2005)

Spelman College Professor Speaks on African-American Women and Muslim Identities (11/11/2005)

Ethically Speaking
The Center's newsletter is now available in print and online.

Center Director Dan Terris Discusses His Book Ethics At Work (11/09/2005)

Israeli Supreme Court Justice Speaks at Brandeis (11/08/2005)

Center Advisory Board Member Participates in Panel Discussion of Terrorism and the Military (11/08/2005)
Boston Globe columnist James Carroll spoke at Harvard University

Islam, Terrorism, and Why Tolerance is Imperative (11/02/2005)

Dan Terris featured in White-Collar Crime Fighter Newsletter
Center director is interviewed in connection with his book Ethics at Work

October 2005

Volcker Committee Releases Report on Oil-for-Food Bribes (10/28/2005)
Advisory Board member Richard Goldstone is a member of the Independent Inquiry Committee charged with investigating abuses of the U.N. program

Slifka Staff Members Participate in Conflict Prevention and Reconstruction Network (10/27/2005)
Gathering of peacebuilding practitioners held in Washington, D.C.

Author Walter Benn Michaels Discusses Race, Anti-Semitism, and Poverty (10/27/2005)

Yuval Ron Ensemble Residency (10/19/2005 - 10/22/2005)
The U.S.-based ensemble brought together musical traditions of Judaism, Sufism (Islamic mystical tradition), and the Christian Armenian Church in a series of events designed to foster an understanding of Middle Eastern cultures and religions.

The Ideological Impact of American Culture Abroad (10/06/2005)

ReadLocal Action/Global Impact: An Interactive Forum
A new Center publication chronicles 11 of the 14 sessions that made up the February 2005 forum of the same name.

September 2005

Will the Tyco Convictions Deter Would-Be Corporate Looters? (09/22/2005)
An opinion piece written by Daniel Terris

"Who Wants Peace, Anyway?" (09/21/2005)
Mari Fitzduff, director of the Master's Program in Coexistence and Conflict, reflects on the U.N. International Day of Peace, September 21.

Telling the Story: Power and Responsibility in Documenting Human Rights Violations (9/15/2005 - 9/16/2005)

Sanji Monageng Residency (09/14/2005 - 09/22/2005)
A commissioner at the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights spends eight days visiting Brandeis and the Boston area.

Interpretive Walk at Walden Pond (09/14/2005)

Coexistence Community Reception (09/08/2005)

Creative Approaches to Coexistence and Reconciliation: Iranian, Israeli, and American Playwrights' Collaboration Residency (09/06/2005 - 09/09/2005)

August 2005

The Center Joins a Call for Action issued by The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders
Agents of the State Security Service in Nigeria reportedly detain and harrass three men in attempt to silence the call for war crimes justice

The Student Fellowship program has been recrafted and expanded!
Adventurous, self-starting Brandeis sophomores and juniors can apply for a $3,500 stipend to do an internship somewhere in the world in the summer of 2006.

July 2005

Coexistence International hosts evening of conversation and music (07/20/2005)
Coexistence practitioners joined together at Brandeis House in New York City to engage in dialogue about the future of the coexistence field

Coexistence Staff, Faculty Participate in U.N. Conference in New York City (07/19/2005 - 07/21/2005)
Conference attendees present Global Action Agenda for the Prevention of Violent Conflict to U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan

Courage can be tough, says Brandeis's Dan Terris (07/20/2005)
Christian Science Monitor (Boston, MA)

Theatre Without Borders establishes a 'Theatre & Peace Building' dialogue with the assistance of Cynthia Cohen of the Slifka Program in Intercommunal Coexistence (07/04/2005)

Initial working papers from Recasting Reconciliation through Culture and the Arts available online (07/01/2005)
Fellows explore Playback Theatre in New Zealand, South India, and Fiji and the impact of drumming groups in Burundi and South Africa

June 2005

Former ECSF reflects on her visit to her homeland of Sri Lanka after the tsunami (06/26/2005)
Brahmy Poologasingham updates the Center on her experience in Sri Lanka during the six- month anniversary of the tsunami

Chief Justice Margaret Marshall celebrates the 50th anniversary of the South African Freedom Charter (06/16/2005)
The Center Board member spoke at "Human Rights and the South African Freedom Charter: Law, Justice & Political Movements," a conference at Harvard University.

Center receives funding from the JEHT Foundation to support its work in the field of international justice (06/10/2005)

Brandeis program reaches Africa (06/09/2005)
Jane Hale, Brandeis professor and instructor of the Brandeis Seminars in the Humanities and the Professions (H&P), leads an H&P seminar at the Lesotho College of Education.

Lockheed Martin ethics program is ambitious, but incomplete (06/03/2005)
The Chronicle of Higher Education on Ethics at Work: Creating Virtue at an American Corporation

May 2005

Marci McPhee inspires the 2005 Brandeis graduates as the Baccalaureate Observance guest speaker (05/23/2005)
[Y]ou arrived on campus...a few short weeks before September 11...you watched the headlines as the tsunami death toll rose to monumental proportions...

An interview with Margaret Marshall (05/24/2005)
Brandeis Student Paper, The Justice, speaks with Margaret H. Marshall, Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court, Massachusetts and Center Board member

Commencement speaker warns graduates of threats to an independent judiciary (05/22/2005)
Margaret H. Marshall, Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court, Massachusetts and Center Board member

Newcomers Among Us seminar series joins the Somerville Center for Adult Learning Experiences (SCALE) (05/18/2005)
Participants use literature to initiate discussion and reflection on the issues facing Somerville's newcomer communities and those who work with them.

Marci McPhee attends Interfaith Youth Core Conference (05/16/2005 - 05/17/2005)
The third annual conference of the Interfaith Youth Core at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois

Ethically Speaking (05/15/2005)
The Spring '05 edition of the Center's newsletter is now available in print and online.

Ethics at Work: Creating Virtue at an American Corporation (05/03/2005)
Announcing the newest publication by Center Director Daniel Terris

April 2005

Beyond Disaster Relief: Opportunities for Peace-Building in Southeast Asia (04/21/05)

Women Constructing a Fair Global Economy: Fair Trade, Globalization and Human Rights (04/14/05)

Asra Nomani's brave stance against sexism in Islam an inspiration to all (04/12/2005)
The Justice reports on Nomani's historic mixed-gender, muslim prayer service at Brandeis.

Students bring smiles to Vietnamese poor (04/08/2005)
Mai Le '07, 2005 Ethics and Coexistence Student Fellow, featured in the Brandeis Hoot

Center receives funding for Telling the Story (04/07/2005)
The Center receives grants from both the Boston Foundation and the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities, a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Kerry Kennedy, member of the Center's board member and "Speak Truth To Power," reports on her experiences in Argentina (04/06/2004)

Where in the World Is Corralitos: An Alternative Spring Break to Honduras (04/06/05)

Public Policy and HIV-AIDS in the Caribbean (04/06/05)
A lecture by Robert Carr, executive director of Jamaica AIDS Support

Take Back the Night: Rally Against Sexual Violence (04/05/2005)
Hosted by the Committee on Rape Education (CORE) and cosponored by the Center, the event united members of the Brandeis Community on April 5, 2005.

March 2005

Weapons of Mass Deception (03/31/2005)

From Journalist to Muslim Women's Rights Activist (03/23/2005)
A Former Wall Street Journal Reporter Embarks on a Freedom Tour

How to teach ethics to CEOs (03/20/2005)
From The Boston Globe, by Daniel Terris

Conflict to Coexistence? The Task for Tomorrow's Leaders, a Panel Discussion (03/16/2005)

The Chosen Word: Hip-Hop/Slam Poet Kevin Coval (03/15/05)

Foundation holds 11 million pages of documented human rights abuses in Iraq (03/07/2005)
(Brandeis News) Kanan Makiya returned to the University on March 1 with both a message of hope for his native Iraq and the preamble of a terrible story about what happened to the people of Iraq under the regime of imprisoned dictator Saddam Hussein.

Professor sets out to document Hussein's atrocities (03/06/2005)
From The Boston Globe, by Stephanie V. Siek

The Newcomers Among Us (03/04/2005)
A report on the March seminar that focused on the experiences of Haitians who have made Boston their new home.

Tsunami's Impact on Peace Processes: A Symposium of Scholars and Practitioners (03/04/2005)
Students in the Slifka Master's Program in Coexistence and Conflict develop a scholarship for students from the tsunami-affected areas to receive training in conflict analysis, coexistence work, mediation, and negotiation skills.

How You Can Change the World (03/03/2005)

Iraq: War, Politics, and Memory (03/01/2005)
An Evening with Kanan Makiya and the Iraq Memory Foundation

February 2005

Nick Salvatore Presents: C. L. Franklin and the Black Church Tradition (02/28/05)

Remembering Ingrid Muan (02/22/2005)
Brandeis International Fellow 2003-04

Announcing a new student publication, The Art of Coexistence (02/16/2005)
Six Students, Four Countries, 1000 Questions - A publication of the 2004 Ethics and Coexistence Student Fellows

The Center welcomes new board members (02/16/2005)
Hans Corell, diplomat and jurist; Margo Jefferson '68, The New York Times theater and arts critic; and Shiranee Tilakawardane, Supreme Court Justice of Sri Lanka

The Curtis International Council Fund to support "Telling the Story" (02/15/2005)
Center receives grant for a fall 2005 event exploring the documentation of human rights violations.

The Art of Coexistence: Six Students, Four Countries, A Thousand Questions (02/15/2005)

Local Action/ Global Impact: An Interactive Forum (02/7/2005 - 02/10/2005)

The Shiite obligation (02/07/2005)
By Kanan Makiya, Wall Street Journal

Swigart travels to East Africa pursuing activities related to the Center'swork on international justice (02/14/2005)

Center board member Richard Goldstone co-chairs the Independent Inquiry Committee into the United Nations Oil-for-Food Programme (IIC-OFFP) (02/03/2005)
The IIC-OFFP was appointed to investigate the administration and management of the Oil-for-Food Programme in Iraq.

"A Fragile Democracy" (02/01/2005)
By Daniel Terris

January 2005

Center hosts Judge Budislav Vukas, Vice-President of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (01/26/2005)

Perspectives: A growing South African presence (01/19/2005)
The Boston Globe

Diego Arria, former ambassador to the United Nations, Venezuela, speaks out On Venezuela's 'Revolution' (01/14/2005)
Editorial Washington Post: Venezuela's 'Revolution'

Students of former Brandeis International Fellow, Stompie Selibe, explore the South African concept of 'Ubuntu' ina public exhibition (01/13/2005)
Lithographs are on display at the Zero Arrow Theater Gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Center's Sri Lanka partners stress needs and opportunities in the wake of catastrophe (01/06/2005)
They advocate for a long-term, integrated approach to relief and reconstruction.

Brandeis University professor urges long-term approach to tsunami relief (01/03/2005)
Located at the Brandeis University Online News

Announcing the publication of Literary Responses to Mass Violence (01/04/2005)
The volume includes poetry, essays, and documents many of the presentations made during the Fall 2003 symposium of the same name.