Al-Quds University Administrators Visit Brandeis

From May 1 to 5, 2006, Brandeis played host to seven staff members in finance and administration from Al-Quds University. The purpose of the visit was to exchange ideas about effective administration, and for the Al-Quds administrators to discuss and begin work on a strategic plan for changes at their university. Each Al-Quds administrator was paired for discussions and meetings with a Brandeis counterpart.

The pairings were:

  • Nasser Afandi, Director of Services (Al-Quds) with Mark Collins, Vice President for Campus Operations (Brandeis)
  • Mohammed Alamayra, Personnel Technology Specialist (Al-Quds) with Tracey Leger-Hornby, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources/Business Design (Brandeis)
  • Feras Berakat, General Accountant (Al-Quds)with John Richard, Assistant Vice President for Budget and Planning (Brandeis)
  • Ameed Dawabshe, Director of Grants and Projects (Al-Quds) with Paul F. O'Keefe, Director of Sponsored Programs (Brandeis)
  • Khalil Jamoos, IT Specialist, Library (Al-Quds) with Web Development Librarian (Brandeis)
  • Nidal Mohsen, Financial Aid Specialist (Al-Quds) with Sherri Culp (Associate Director for Financial Aid and Student Employment (Brandeis)
  • Wail Qaddomi, Director of Personnel Department (Al-Quds) with Debra Gratto, Associate Vice President of Human Resources and Employee Relations (Brandeis)

Project leaders are: Imad Abu Kishek, Assistant to the President for Administration and Finance (Al-Quds), Peter French, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer (Brandeis), and Perry Hanson, Vice President for Information Technology and Libraries (Brandeis).

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