2007 News Archive

December 2007

Former ECSF Writes Article on Student Organizing (12/21/2007)
In Yes! magazine, Joshua Kahn Russell '06, a 2004 Ethics Center Student Fellow, details the rebirth of Students for a Democratic Society.

Center Director Featured in Corporate Counsel magazine (12/20/2007)
The article cites Daniel Terris and his book Ethics at Work, which examines the ethics program of Lockheed Martin.

Symposium Focuses on International Criminal Courts in Africa (12/14/2007)
Leigh Swigart, director of programs in international justice and society, attends the event in Arusha, Tanzania, called "The Legacy of International Criminal Courts and Tribunals for Africa."

ECSFs Present Talk, Exhibit on Internship Experiences (12/11/2007)
The six 2007 Ethics Center Student Fellows detail their internship experiences, present an exhibit, and debut a publication called Translations: Six Stories of (Mis)Understanding.

Overseas Edition of The International Judge Launches (12/7/2007)
Co-authors Daniel Terris, Center director, and Cesare Romano of Loyola Law School speak about the new book at a conference on "The Future of International Justice" in the Netherlands.

Mari Fitzduff Attends Club of Madrid Conference (12/6/2007)
The director of the Master's Program in Coexistence and Conflict convenes with former heads of state and government to address the topic "Democratizing Energy: Geopolitics and Power."

November 2007

A Letter from the Founder of the Palestinian House of Friendship (11/17/2007)
Mohammad Sawalha writes to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice following the arrest of his son.

Author Speaks on Masculinity, Sexuality in High School (11/16/2007)
C.J. Pascoe '96 outlines her research in a California high school in a talk titled "Guys are just Homophobic: Heterosexuality and Homophobia in High School."

Book Roundtable Examines International Judicial Institutions (11/12/2007)
Co-authors Daniel Terris and Leigh Swigart of the Center and guests discuss the new book The International Judge: An Introduction to the Men and Women Who Decide the World's Cases.

CI Partner Publishes First Issue of 'Transitional Justice Monitor' (11/7/2007)
Coexistence International's regional partner organization, the Center for Democratic Development in Ghana, has published the first issue of its electronic newsletter.

Ethics Central - Fall 2007 (11/6/2007)
The Fall 2007 issue of Ethics Central, the Center's newsletter, is now available in print and online.

Forensic Anthropologist Completes Residency (11/2/2007)
Dr. William Haglund, senior forensic consultant with Physicians for Human Rights, speaks about his work at mass-grave sites and its implications for international justice.

2006 ECSF Profiled in Annual Report (11/1/2007)
William Chalmus '07 was featured in the 2006 annual report of Contact, Inc. in Australia, where he interned as an Ethics Center Student Fellow in 2006.

October 2007

Center Celebrates 10 years of Student Fellowships (10/30/2007)
The ECSF Extravaganza features past and present fellows who recall their experiences and look to future opportunities to make a difference in the world.

Current ECSF Takes Lead in Local Community Service (10/24/2007)
An Ethics Center Student Fellow in 2007, Margot Moinester '09 is serving as a group leader in a project to help revitalize the Prospect Hill Terrace public housing apartments in Waltham.

Pogrund Rebuts Apartheid Charge Against Israel (10/19/2007)
The founding director of Yakar's Center for Social Concern in Jerusalem criticizes Israel, but says the country doesn't compare to his native South Africa during the apartheid era.

2nd West African Judicial Colloquium Focuses on 'Judicial Independence and Access to Global Jurisprudence' (10/18/2007)
The 2nd Colloquium aimed to build upon the experience of the first by furthering efforts to create a strong and sustainable network among supreme and high court judges in West Africa.

Symposium Addresses Issues of Safety and Security (10/17/2007)
Six faculty members from universities throughout the country address diverse issues of safety in a post-9/11 world.

President of Al Quds University Speaks about Memoir (10/15/2007)
Board member Sari Nusseibeh discusses Once Upon a Country: A Palestinian Life with Center Director Daniel Terris.

'Acting Together' to Achieve Peace (10/11/2007)
International theatre artists and peacebuilding experts convene for the conference "Acting Together on the World Stage: Setting the Scene for Peace."

September 2007

Slifka Program Announces New Master's Students (09/26/2007)
Eleven students representing India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nepal, Pakistan, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and the United States have begun the 16-month program.

Slifka Program Executive Director Contributes Chapter in New Book (09/24/2007)
Cynthia Cohen has written "Music: A Universal Language?" for the book Music and Conflict Transformation.

Historian Provides Explanation for Japanese Environmental Catastrophes (09/21/2007)
Brett Walker of the Department of History at Montana State University spoke about thousands of cases of cadmium poisoning in Japan's mountainous Toyama Prefecture.

Returning Student Fellow Writes on Organic Farming (09/07/2007)
Neena Pathak '08 writes in The Hoot about her experience working for the Maharashtra Organic Farming Federation in Pune, India.

Ethics Center Student Fellows Return from the Field (09/01/2007)
Read impressions and reflections of the 2007 ECSFs, who have completed their summer internships.

August 2007

ECSF Alumna Jamie Pottern '09 Writes About Summer Abroad in The Hoot (08/31/2007)
Jamie spent her ECSF internship with the Kakamega Environmental Education Program in Kenya, working on programs to educate members of local communities about sustainable development and rainforest conservation.

Center Advisory Board Member Featured in International Judicial Monitor (08/21/2007)
Hans Corell, a member of the Center's International Advisory Board, is profiled in the journal, which also reprints an excerpt from his May 31 address at the University of Lund in Sweden.

July 2007

Race & Gender in Science (07/25/2007)
Dr. Eve Marder '69 spoke to chemistry researchers about the discrimination she faced while in school in the 1960s and 70s.

2007 Brandeis Institute for International Judges (07/23/2007 - 07/28/2007)
Fifteen judges from ten international courts and tribunals gathered for a week in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire for the fifth institute to be hosted by the Center.

Coexistence International Launches Two New Publications Series (07/19/2007)
The first series, "Complementary Approaches to Coexistence Work," focuses on the theoretical and practical intersections of coexistence and other areas of work; the second describes the state of coexistence within different countries.

Center Associate Director Visits Kenya and Tanzania (07/05/2007 - 07/13/2007)
Marci McPhee visited Ethics Center Student Fellows currently participating in their summer internships, and conducted several other activities on behalf of Brandeis as well.

June 2007

The Center Co-hosts Know Your Rights! Conference in Dakar, Senegal (06/26/2007 - 06/27/2007)
The Know Your Rights! project aims to translate human rights documents into African languages.

The 2007 Ethics Center Student Fellows: Updates from the Field (06/20/2007)
The six Fellows are currently working on their summer projects across the globe. Here's a brief look at what they've accomplished so far!

May 2007

Ethics Central - Spring 2007 (05/30/2007)
The Spring 2007 issue of Ethics Central, the Center's newsletter, is now available in print and online.

ECSF Alum Speaks at Anthropology Commencement (05/20/2007)
Joshua Rosenthal '07, one of the 2006 Ethics Center Student Fellows, gave the keynote address at the Anthropology Department's 2006 Commencement Ceremonies.

Center Director Dan Terris Named Associate Vice Provost for Global Affairs (05/09/2007)
Terris will officially take the reins at the newly-created Office of Global Affairs on July 1.

April 2007

Righting Wrongful Convictions (04/24/2007)
The Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism presented the award-winning film After Innocence, followed by a panel discussion featuring two men who were exonerated by DNA evidence after serving 20 years in prison.

Center Board Member Sari Nusseibeh's New Book Featured in New York Times (04/01/2007)
Nusseibeh's book, Once Upon A Country: A Palestinian Life, chronicles Nusseibeh's own personal experience with the clash between Israelis and Palestinians that has raged for decades.

March 2007

Sneak Preview: The International Judge (03/20/2007)
Scheduled for publication in the fall of 2008, here's a glimpse at excerpts of The International Judge: an Introduction to the Men and Woman Who Decide the World's Cases

Pieces of the Coexistence Puzzle: A Two-Day Conference Hosted by Coexistence International (03/15/2007 - 03/16/2007)
CI hosted a gathering of scholars and practitioners to discuss the interactions between fields such as democracy, human rights, gender and development.

Applying Coexistence Theory to Work in the Field (03/15/2007)
A profile of Andy Ginsberg and Moussokoro Kané, the Slifka Fellows in the 2006-07 Master's Program in Coexistence and Conflict.

Schooling, Society, and Religion - Two Talks by Robert Kunzman (03/05/2007)
Kunzman, a philosopher and professor of education at Indiana University, discussed issues of homeschooling and religious discussion against the backdrop of preparing students for participation in democracy.

Bioethics and Armed Conflict: Moral Dilemmas of Medicine and War (03/01/2007)
Professor Michael L. Gross of the University of Haifa visited Brandeis to talk about his latest book, the first comprehensive study of medical ethics in conventional, unconventional, and low-intensity wars.

February 2007

Symposium on Race and Genetics (02/26/2007)
The Department of African and Afro-American Studies brought four distinguished scholars to campus to facilitate a discussion of the promise and the perils of the field of genetics.

Master's Students Visit Peacebuilding Agencies in NYC and D.C. (02/21/2007 - 02/23/2007)
The students of the Master's Program in Coexistence and Conflict made contacts with agencies and organizations with whom they may soon be working in the field.

CCR Condemns Appeals Court Ruling on Guantanamo Detainees (02/21/2007)
The Center for Constitutional Rights, headed by Ethics Center Board Member Michael Ratner, says the ruling "encourages a contempt for international human rights law."

Coexistence International Partners with the Ghana Center for Democratic Development (02/20/2007)
The project, Transitional Justice and Peacebuilding in West Africa," will focus on transitional justice, reconciliation, and coexistence.

The Delicate Balance of Biodiversity and Human Needs in Sub-Saharan Africa (02/12/2007 - 02/15/2007)
Dr. Mohamed Bakarr of the World Agroforesty Centre in Nairobi, Kenya, was the inaugural Distinguished Visiting Practitioner in a program co-sponsored by the Center.

Women, Gender Equality, and Jewish Law in Israel (02/06/2007)
Dr. Ruth Halperin-Kaddari delivered the keynote address at the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute's "Day of Learning," as part of the Project on Gender, Culture, Religion and the Law.

Meet the 2007 Ethics Center Student Fellows (02/01/2007)
Six students have been selected to participate in summer internships abroad, addressing issues of peacebuilding and social justice.

January 2007

After Carter (01/29/2007)
Center Director Dan Terris reflects on the back-to-back visits of former President Jimmy Carter and Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz on Jan. 23, 2007.

Cynthia Cohen Speaks at Genocide Conference in California (01/25/2007 - 01/28/2007)
Cohen gave one of the keynote addresses at "Arts in the One World: Culture and Identity," organized by CalArts and the Interdisciplinary Genocide Studies Center in Kigali, Rwanda.