2008 News Archive


December 2008

Students Debut Publication on Internships (12/10/08)
Nine students from the PAX 89 class read from "Contrasts & Connection: Nine Students Reflect on their Worldwide Internships,” during a presentation in Rapaporte Treasure Hall.

Conference Focuses on Gender Justice in Africa (12/08/08)
The Center participated in a conference in Accra, Ghana, titled “The Role of the Judiciary in Promoting Gender Justice in Africa.”

Master's Student Wins Award (12/05/08)
Diler Erdengiz has been named a winner of the Maurice J. and Fay B. Karpf Peace Awards.

November 2008

Center Talk Featured on C-Span Radio (11/28/08)
The speech by Louise Arbour given at Brandeis on November 6 is scheduled to be broadcast on C-Span Radio in its "Outside the Beltway" segment tonight at 8 p.m. For information on C-Span Radio, click the above link.

CI, Center Host Presentation on Liberia (11/26/08)
The event featured Aaron Weah, national program assistant for the International Center for Transitional Justice, and Musue Haddad, a journalist during the Charles Taylor regime.

Article Published on Organization Led by Former ECSF (11/20/08)
Click on the link above to read a story on
Mobile Crèches, which supports the education of children living on construction sites in Mumbai. Its chief executive is 1999 Ethics Center Student Fellow Devika Mahadevan '00.

Former ECSF Wins Fellowship (11/17/08)
Wendi Adelson '01, a 1999
Ethics Center Student Fellow, has been named a Marshall Memorial Fellow.

Colloquium Examines International Law and Domestic Courts (11/12/08)
The Center hosted the North American Judicial Colloquium, featuring U.S., Canadian, and international judges, on Nov. 6-8.

Louise Arbour Speaks on International Judiciary (11/07/08)
The former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights gives the keynote address for the North American Judicial Colloquium. Click the link above to read a transcript and see a video of her speech.

Ethics Center Staff Take Part in Conflict Studies Conference (11/03/08)
John Moore and Ted Johnson participated in the "Conflict Studies: The New Generation of Ideas" conference at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

October 2008

CI Featured in BrandeisNOW (10/27/08)
The Brandeis University online news publication reports on Coexistence International events in Liberia and Ghana.

Fitzduff Comments on Liberia Peace Process (10/17/08)
The director of the Master of Arts Program in Coexistence and Conflict is cited in a news story in Liberia.

Panel Examines Gender and Art in South Asia (10/16/08)
Part of the MusicUnitesUS residency, the event features a discussion
of women artists in the region and a performance.

Center Board Member Hands Down Major Decision (10/10/08)
Shiranee Tilakawardane, a Supreme Court Justice in Sri Lanka, delivers a landmark judgment in a case involving the country's former president.

Swigart Discusses International Judges at Seminar (10/02/08)
The director of Programs in International Justice and Society lectures at the Sir Richard May Seminar on International Law and International Courts in The Hague.

September 2008

Scholar from China Compares Judaism, Confucianism (09/30/08)
Fu Youde, professor of philosophy and Jewish studies of Shandong University in China, holds a series of talks at Brandeis.

CI Adds New Staff Members (09/22/08)
Coexistence International announces a new program manager and program coordinator.

Former ECSF Completes Davis Project for Peace (09/11/08)
Margot Moinester ’09, a 2007 Ethics Center Student Fellow, traveled to Rwanda to assist women living with HIV/AIDS.

August 2008

ECSFs Profiled in Brandeis Magazine (08/26/08)
Rachel Kleinbaum '08 and Naomi Safran-Hon '08 are featured in an article on students who have engaged in social justice work across the globe.

Center Board Member Publishes Book on Rumsfeld (08/13/08)
Michael Ratner '66 has written The Trial of Donald Rumsfeld: A Prosecution by Book.

July 2008

Center Board Member Issued Karadzic Indictment (07/22/08)
Richard J. Goldstone, who served as prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, in 1995 wrote the indictment that preceded the arrest this week of the former Bosnian Serb political leader.

CI Regional Partner Publishes Newsletter (07/16/2008)
Ghana Center for Democratic Development has published the second issue of its electronic newsletter, which examines transitional justice processes in the West Africa sub-region and explores the nexus between transitional justice and coexistence. Click above to access the newsletter.

New Report Released on West African Judicial Colloquia (07/15/2008)
The colloquia, held in Dakar in 2006 and in Accra in 2007, focused on the increasing interconnections that exist between international and national justice. Click above to download the report.

Center Board Member Leads International Development Organization (07/01/2008)
Effective today, David M. Malone becomes president of Canada’s International Development Research Centre.

June 2008

Coexistence Program Director Takes Role with Peace Organization (06/17/2008)
Cynthia Cohen has been appointed as the co-convenor of the Peace and Arts Commission of the International Peace Research Association.

Former ECSF Raises Money for Internship Site (06/16/2008)
Naomi Safran-Hon ’08 sells work from an exhibit to support the Art Therapy Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa.

ECSF 2008: Updates from the Field (06/13/2008)
Four of our six Ethics Center Student Fellows have arrived at their internship sites around the world. 

Student Fellow Wins Cool Award (06/12/2008)
Aaron Voldman, a 2008 Ethics Center Student Fellow, is named a "peace pioneer" by Ben & Jerry's. 

May 2008 

Coexistence Program Director Speaks at University, Facilitates Arts Workshop (05/22/2008)
Cynthia Cohen was a featured speaker at the University of New Hampshire and facilitated a workshop for the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Former Student Fellow Joins Theatre Board (05/21/2008)
William Chalmus '07 has joined the board of directors of the Centre for Playback Theatre.

Center Board Chair Publishes Memoir (05/06/2008)
Theodore Sorensen, who served as a speechwriter and advisor to President John F. Kennedy, has written Counselor: A Life at the Edge of History.

Coexistence Master's Program Conference Examines Coexistence Field (05/05/2008)
Panels, speakers address the emergence of coexistence work as a profession.

April 2008  

Update on The International Judge (04/29/2008)
The book written by Daniel Terris and Leigh Swigart of the Center and Cesare Romano of Loyola Law School was recently the subject of panel discussions and a review.

Film on Ethics Center Board Member Opens (04/18/2008)
Constantine’s Sword, the story of James Carroll, screens in New York City and in selected U.S. theaters on upcoming dates.

Professor Speaks on Gender Rights in Senegal (04/16/2008)
Professor Fatou Kiné Camara of Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar, Senegal, says the remnants of colonialism in the country have restricted access to justice for women.

Ethics Central - Spring 2008 (04/14/2008)
The Spring 2008 issue of Ethics Central, the Center's newsletter, is now available in print and online. 

Films Highlight Immigration Issues in U.S. (04/04/08)
Topics include the experiences of immigrant women, the arrest of undocumented workers in New Bedford, Mass., and how immigrants are perceived in places of resettlement. 

March 2008 

Former Student Fellow Publishes Article on Child Prostitution (03/27/08)
Wendi Adelson '01, a 1999 Ethics Center Student Fellow, had an opinion piece published this week in the Tallahassee Democrat.

Student Fellow Wins Grant for Rwanda Project (03/19/08)
Margot Moinester ’09, a 2007 Ethics Center Student Fellow, has been named a recipient of a $10,000 grant from the Davis Projects for Peace for 2008. 

Center Faculty Associate Reflects on Iraq War (03/18/08)
Kanan Makiya has written an article for Slate magazine upon the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

Buergenthal Talk Highlights 10th Anniversary Celebration (03/17/08)
The Center hosts a keynote speech by Judge Thomas Buergenthal of the International Court of Justice, a symposium examining the next decade of Center activites, and a gala dinner. 

ECSF Presents Paper at Anthropology Conference (03/03/08)
2007 Ethics Center Student Fellowship recipient Dan Koosed ’08 speaks about the Rwandan genocide at the Greater Boston Anthropology Consortium annual conference.

February 2008

Coexistence Program Director Facilitates Coexistence Workshop in Liberia (02/29/2008)
Cynthia Cohen joins individuals representing civil society and intergovernmental organizations from Africa in a workshop called “Transitional Justice, Reconciliation, and Coexistence.”

Talk Examines HIV/AIDS Caregiving Issues in South Africa (02/13/2008)
Professor Brook Baker of Northeastern University School of Law and Donna Gallagher, a registered nurse, speak on “HIV/AIDS and the Gender Politics of Social Care.”

Ambassador Details South African History, Current Challenges (02/12/2008)
Welile Nhlapo, South African Ambassador to the United States, gives the annual Ruth First Memorial Lecture.

Center Board Member Publishes Book on Asian Hemisphere (02/01/2008)
Kishore Mahbubani has written The New Asian Hemisphere: The Irresistible Shift of Global Power to the East.

January 2008

2008 Ethics Center Student Fellows Named (01/31/2008)
Six students have been selected to participate in summer internships abroad, addressing issues of peacebuilding and social justice.

Coexistence Program Professor Leads Workshop for Commission (01/29/2008)
Theodore Johnson leads a negotiation and consensus-building workshop for the secretariat of the CODEX Alimentarius Commission in Rome.

Center Board Member Writes on Chavez Regime (01/23/2008)
Diego Arria, who served as the Permanent Representative of Venezuela to the United Nations, criticized Venezuela President Hugo Chavez in an opinion piece in the New York Daily News.

CI Board Member Wins 'Alternative Nobel Prize' (01/11/2008)
Dekha Ibrahim Abdi is a recipient of a 2007 Right Livelihood Award, honoring those “working on practical and exemplary solutions to the most urgent challenges facing the world today.”

Center Board Member Receives Puffin/Nation Prize (01/02/2008)
Michael Ratner, Center Board Member and president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, has been named the recipient of the 2007 Puffin/Nation Prize for Creative Citizenship.