Ulafa'a Project: Bahraini Artist Visit and Exhibition

April 14-28, 2013

Bahrain/Brandeis: Ulafa'a Reconciliation Art Project
Recasting Reconciliation through Culture and Arts


Tamadher Ali (right) and Khalid
Aljabri (left) offering free hugs
as a part of the campaign
"introducing Ulafa'a project" in
market 338, Adliya, Bahrain
Photography by Edd Ibrak

Ulafa'a Reconciliation Art Project is an initiative supported by the US Embassy in Bahrain in partnership with Bahraini artists and the Program in Peacebuilding and the Arts at Brandeis University. Since the fall of 2012, project coordinators Tamadher Alfahal and Nada Alaradi have been recruiting a group of artists working in a variety of genres to participate in the project in Bahrain. Through a series of events that include film screenings, panel discussions, live performances, and trainings, Ulafa'a artists will engage in conversation with community members and learn how to develop community-based art initiatives that strengthen relationships across differences.

At Brandeis University, from April 14th through 20th, ten young visual artists from Bahrain will be attending an intensive one-week training conducted by Cynthia Cohen, director of the Program in Peacebuilding and the Arts.


Edd Ibrak, a team member of
Ulafa'a warmly hugging people
in next to Ulafa'a stand in
market 338, Adliya, Bahrain
Photography by Khalid Aljabri

Ulafa'a is an Arabic term (plural) that describes a group of people who are familiar with each other and possibly share common feelings. Ulafa'a is an art project that aims to create opportunities for people to express themselves and to strengthen relationships of respect and understanding among the different communities of Bahrain. The project is based on the belief that people can express themselves through a variety of artistic forms, and that these expressions can facilitate communication and the sharing of stories.

You can follow them on Twitter or read their blog.

Ulafa’a Project: Finding Common Ground
through Oral History and the Arts

Presentation by the Ulafa’a Visual Artists of Bahrain
vaseApril 16, 2013
Pearlman Lounge
Ulafa’a team representatives will present their collaborative work done in Bahrain as a part of the Ulafa’a Reconciliation Project: Recasting Reconciliation through Culture and Arts. Free and open to the public. View the events flyer.

Ulafa’a Reconciliation Art Project:
Exhibition by the visual artists of Bahrain

April 19–28, 2013
Shapiro Campus Center, Multi-Purpose Room (MPR)
Opening Reception: Friday, April 19 (12:00 - 2:00pm) *Note: Due to the closure of MBTA and directives from local authorities, Brandeis University is closed today, Friday, April 19. Opening Reception has been cancelled, but the exhibit is opened to students who are staying on campus. The artists are in the gallery and would like students to come see the exhibit.

hugsAs a part of the Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts, a team of Bahraini artists will be exhibiting the artworks and documentation from their Ulafa'a project. Please come and meet the artists at the opening. Light refreshment will be served. Free and open to the publicView the events flyer.


Ulafa'a team members in front of their stand in market 338,
an art festival by Alriwaq Art Space in Adliya, Bahrain
Photography by Husain Alkumaish


Ulafa’a Team members with Sarah McCarty, a Brandeis student 
at their art exhibit in the Campus Center. Their exhibit is up
until April 28th as a part of the Festival of the Arts.
Photo: Courtesy of the Ulafa’a team.