Center Convenes Second Global Judicial Colloquium in Partnership with Faculty of Law at University of Haifa


Participants in the 2013 Global Judicial Colloquium

July 21, 2013

The International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life convened the Global Judicial Colloquium in Haifa, Israel on July 21, as part of a larger training academy for domestic judges from around the world organized by the Faculty of Law at the University of Haifa. This program followed the success of a similar colloquium in 2012

The 22 participants represented different kinds of jurisdictions and hailed from across the globe: Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda), Asia (the Philippines and Thailand), Europe (Bosnia, Poland and Spain), the United States, and Israel. The purpose of the colloquium was to help national judges make more extensive use of the jurisprudence and thinking of international courts and tribunals as legal sources and as inspiration for their own work. 

Fausto Pocar, a Judge of International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and Daniel Terris, Director of the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life at Brandeis University were the session leaders.

Dan Terris began the colloquium with a session on recent trends in the composition of international courts and tribunals, with particular attention to the relationship between diversity on the bench and broader issues of justice.

Fausto Pocar followed with a discussion of how international courts have used and developed global legal standards under the rubric of “customary law.” In the third session, Judge Pocar continued with a discussion about the complex relationship between national jurisdictions and international jurisdiction when it comes to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Participants in the 2013 Global Judicial Colloquium

The colloquium concluded with a discussion led by Dan Terris about the relationship between international courts and democracy, and the question of “in whose name” judges perform their work.

Judge Pocar has been a regular participant in the Brandeis Institute for International Judges (BIIJ), the model for the Brandeis Judicial Colloquia series. To date, the Center has held colloquia in West Africa, North America, South America, and India. Read more about the Brandeis Judicial Colloquia series.

The Global Judicial Colloquium was supported by the Rice Family Foundation.


Isah Serunkuma, Uganda
Charles Gitonga Mbogo, Kenya
Denis Guest, USA
Zlatna Martinovic, Bosnia
Hellen Onkwani, Kenya
Wandera Wilson, Uganda
Gina F. Cenit-Escoto, Philippines
Irene Kahuya, Kenya
Carolina Rius, Spain
Glynnis Hill, USA
Kadigwa Gashongore Laurien, Rwanda
Thaddeus Wilkins, USA
Christine Nakaseta Binayisa Kitumba, Uganda
Antonio Carlos Martinez-Uceda, Spain
Mary Stella Arach Amoko, Uganda
Emmy Sayekwo, Uganda
Charoonluck Rattanaraj, Thailand
Cecilia Archog, Philippines
Maria Amifaith Fider-Reyes, Philippines
Misganu Muleta, Ethiopia
Agnieszka Dabrowska, Poland
Avraham Elyakim, Israel