International Justice Internships Symposium

International Justice Internships Symposium October 2013

October 7, 2013

Eight Brandeis students shared their overseas experiences and exchanged advice at the Symposium for International Justice Internships. Students described internship opportunities connected with the Brandeis in The Hague program and other internships that followed. All of the student speakers stressed the opportunities gained from the Brandeis in The Hague Program, and praised Legal Studies Program Professor Gaskins’ continued guidance and support.

Kochava Ayoun ’14, student editor of the Ethics Center’s “International Justice in the News” e-newsletter, interned at the Special Court for Sierra Leone. Her work on legal briefs and a Residual Report allowed for a professional and experiential learning opportunity.

Nate Lurie ’13 emphasized how his internship at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon launched him into research opportunities after graduation. Similarly, Anastasia Austin ’14 is continuing to explore the function of defense following her internship at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. After applying for a Brandeis Research Provost Grant she continued to intern full time, organizing a colloquium on function of the defense.

As an intern in the Office of Public Information and Documentation of the International Criminal Court (ICC) last semester Amelia Katan ’15 crafted guidelines for podcast production. She described the challenges of concisely presenting large amounts of research and the confidence gained from working in a professional environment.

Dave Benger ’14 described his internship at the American NGO Coalition for the ICC, where he explored the United States’ relationship with the ICC. The culmination of senior Sydney Ross’ involvement with the International Center for Counterterrorism in The Hague was a timely seminar on terrorist activity in Mali.

Alex Glomset ’14 and Rida Abu Rass ’14, both alums of the Brandeis in The Hague summer program, discussed other international justice-related opportunities they took advantage of following that program. Glomset talked about his time with the Geneva for Human Rights NGO during which he published reports and arranged conferences related to UN developments. Abu Rass outlined his internship experience with the 2013 Brandeis Institute for International Judges (BIIJ), where he was able to interact personally and learn from judges active in international law. His reflections on that experience, as well as the thoughts of his fellow BIIJ interns, are on the Ethics Center’s website.

This symposium was co-sponsored by The International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life and The Office of Study Abroad.