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2015 News Archive

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December 2015

2015 Sorensen Fellows present fellowship experiences (12/10)
The 2015 Sorensen Fellows reflected on their summer internship experiences in "Rediscoveries: Reconciling Personal Narratives in Community Building." Read more on Facebook here. View or download an anthology of their writing.

Website launch: Ad Hoc Tribunals Oral History Project (12/3)
The International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life launched the Ad Hoc Tribunals Oral History Project website. The Oral Hisory Project aims to preserve the voices of those individuals who worked to bring justice to areas of conflict through the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR). Read more about the website launch on IntLawGrrls blog.

November 2015

Artist Wen-ti Tsen talks about "Pilgrim Father/Illegal Son: Story of Two Immigrants" exhibit (11/5)
Two illegal immigrants: one a present-day Chinese man who overstays his visa, and the other William Bradford of 17th century England, who sailed on the Mayflower. Their stories were exhibited in a 54-foot graphic mural by internationally known artist Wen-ti Tsen, illustrating the complexities of modern-day immigration issues. This event was part of I Am Global Week. It was sponsored by the Ethics Center, with support from the Office of the Provost, the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences, and the Office of Experiential Learning and Teaching, in collaboration with the EL16a class, "The Immigrant Experience in Waltham: A Service-based Practicum." The artwork was created through the Chinese Progressive Association, with support from Mass Humanities. See Facebook event here.

October  2015

The Hoot reports on the debut of CAST grant-funded zine "Ebony Axis"
From the article: "After performing in 'for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is not enuf' last fall, Lashawn Simmons ’18, a Posse Scholar, decided to create a zine, Ebony Axis, that contained poetry from black women on campus. To celebrate the launch of her publication and its contributors, a coffeehouse was held at Chum’s over the weekend, with students watching the performances from outside because it was so crowded. The party was a showcase of poets, dancers and singers who shared pieces on blackness, womanhood and the intersection of both." Read the full article. Read more about the CAST minor. Read more CAST-related news.

"Sorensen Fellow alumna in residence for Fall Fest" (10/22-23)
Ariele Cohen '99, one of the very first Sorensen Fellows, returned to campus October 22nd and 23rd to share her journey, for the first Sorensen Fellowship Alumni Mini-Residency. Her residency helped kick off Fall Fest weekend with three events, including a conversation reflecting on her experience in Sri Lanka, in relation to this year’s Brandeis first-year book Anil’s Ghost by Michael Ondaatje. Read more about her residency here. Read the full BrandeisNOW, Hoot and Justice articles.

September  2015

“One Rock Three Religions” film screening with guests  (9/3)
“One Rock, Three Religions” explores humanity’s connection to one of the world’s most revered and disputed places, Jerusalem’s Haram Al Sharif or The Temple Mount. A screening of the film was followed by a discussion with the director, the producer, and other special guests. Read about it here and on Facebook.

Commemorating the Centennial of Louis D. Brandeis Joining the Supreme Court (9/1)
Brandeis University is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the nomination and confirmation of Louis D. Brandeis to the United States Supreme Court. Read more here.

August 2015

Sorensen Fellows journey to their home countries and to new places (8/7)
The 18th cohort of Sorensen Fellows – Ariella Assouline ’17, Bethlehem Seifu Belaineh ’16, Tove Freeman ’16, Shaoleen Khaled ’16, Anni Long ’16, Wilkins Lugo ’17, Regina Roberg ’17 and Bezaye T. Teshome ’16 – journeyed back to their home countries or to new places for their summer internships. Their experiences so far have been both intense and thought provoking.Read More.

April 2015

The 2015 Sorensen Fellows Head Out to the Field (4/29)
Within a few days the eight Sorensen Fellows will be on their way to internships in Argentina, China, Ethiopia, Norway and around the United States. Each Sorensen Fellow will take his or her academic learning from spring courses at Brandeis into the field. Read about their internship plans.

Ethics Center celebrates its graduating seniors at "UnCommencement" 2015 (4/29)
At "UnCommencement" 2015 the Ethics Center celebrated the graduating seniors and graduate students whose work has been an integral part of the Ethics Center during their time at Brandeis University: Michael Abrams, Shota Adamia, Damiana Andonova, Lisette Anzoategui, Chen Arad, Marta Baran, Anna Bessendorf, Marisa Budlong, Brad Burns, Brandon Gale, Erica Granor, Jemesh Hunter, Brontte Hwang, Amelia Katan, Hailey Magee, Shelby Magid, Sarah McCarty, Ryan Millis, Andrew Nguyen, Olivia Aviva Pobiel, Alina Pokhrel, Nelly Schlafereit, Karia Sekumbo, Sohyun Shin, Sydney Skov, Aliza Sotsky, Leah Staffin, Sneha Walia, Flora Wang, Heather Yoon, Hannah Young, Gil Zamir. See photos from the event.

Announcing the National Expansion of Advocacy for Policy Change (4/28)
The Ethics Center is pleased to announce that a generous gift from  Center Board member Norbert Weissberg and his wife, former Board member Judith Schneider, will enable the national expansion of the Advocacy For Policy Change Initiative – a model program for civic engagement. Read more and sign up to receive updates on the expansion.

Advocacy for Policy Change: "Present and Defend" (4/28)
The students of Advocacy for Policy Change (LGLS 161b) presented the legal advocacy projects they developed over the course of the semester. Issues addressed by projects included: The Health Care of Minors, Pre-trial and Bail Reform in the Commonwealth, The Cost of Veteran Higher Education, Protecting Access to Confidential Healthcare, Women's Health and Economic Equity, Consent and Counseling of Pregnant Women under 16 years of age, Sexual Violence on College Campuses, Immigration Rights and Safe Driving, Improving the Earned Income Credit for Working Families, The Hinton State Laboratory. Read more on Facebook.

March 2015

Richman Distinguished Fellow in Public Life Lecture: How I Got in the Movement: A Civil Rights "Living Legend" Tells His Story - Julian Bond  (3/31)
H. Julian Bond delivered the Richman Distinguished Fellow in Public Life lecture. Named a “Living Legend” by the U.S. Library of Congress, H. Julian Bond has been a driving force for social change for more than 50 years – as a civil rights leader, politician, scholar, and writer. Richman Fellows are selected from among individuals active in public life whose contributions have had a significant impact on improving American society, strengthening democratic institutions, advancing social justice or increasing opportunities for all citizens to realize and share in the benefits of this nation. The Richman Distinguished Fellowship in Public Life was created by Brandeis alumna Dr. Carol Richman Saivetz '69, along with her children, Michael Saivetz '97 and Aliza Saivetz Glasser '01, in honor of Carol's parents, Fred and Rita Richman. Read more. Read the WGBH article here.

Director Cindy Cohen and Tom Hall come together in "Improvisation and Social Transformation" to start first Brandeis Improv Festival (3/31)
From the article: "Professsor Tom Hall (MUS) and Cynthia Cohen, director of the University’s Ethics Center’s Program in Peacebuilding and the Arts, came together to discuss how their departments overlapped and what this could mean in the context of improvisation and social change...Toward the end of the talk, Hall noted the relationship between one’s ability to improvise and deal with the unexpected and happiness. Commenting on this relationship, Hall said that the better people are at improv, the happier people can be." Read full article in the Justice.

The Responsibility to Protect at 10: the Challenge of Protecting the World's Most Vulnerable Populations (3/8-3/9)
The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) principle recognizes that the international community has a role to play when sovereign states fail to protect their own populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity. This conference brought together leading scholars and global actors to share ideas and experiences about philosophical and practical aspects of R2P. Details.

February 2015

Advocacy for Policy Change receives Jewish Social Change Matching Fund grant (2/10)
The Advocacy for Policy Change Initiative received a grant of $25,000 in the inaugural competition of the Jewish Social Change Matching Fund. The Fund, which was created by seven foundations in partnership with the Jewish Funders Network, sought out social change projects guided by Jewish values. The grant matched a generous gift made by Board member Norbert Weissberg, who, along with his wife and former Board member, Judith Schneider, has championed the social justice initiatives of the Ethics Center, and particularly the Advocacy Initiative, since its founding. Read more.

'DEIS Impact: the fourth annual weeklong "festival of social justice" (1/30-2/9)
Sponsored by The International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life and the Student Union, students, professors, clubs, and academic departments hosted dozens of events throughout the week, featuring talks, artmaking workshops, performances, exhibits and discussions. Full schedule of events and more information on the festival here.

Announcing the 2015 Sorensen Fellows (2/4)
This summer, the 2015 Sorensen Fellows will travel to locations around the world to put social justice into action. Read about the work of Ariella Assouline '17, Bethlehem Seifu Belaineh ’16, Tove Freeman '16, Shaoleen Khaled '16, Anni Long '16, Wilkins Lugo '17, Regina Roberg '17, and Bezaye T. Toshome '16 here

'DEIS Impact Keynote with Alan Khazei, Co-Founder of City Year and CEO of Be The Change, Inc. (2/3)
The 2015 'DEIS Impact Keynote speaker Alan Khazei delivered his address "Social Change Through Civic Engagement and Pragmatic Idealism." A co-founder of City Year, which now operates in 20 U.S. cities and Johannesburg and London, Khazei is currently the CEO of Be The Change, Inc., an organization he started to do collective impact work. Khazei has been a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, and teaches a course on social entrepreneurship at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Read more.

January 2015

'DEIS Impact: A Weeklong "Festival of Social Justice" (1/30)
Brandeis University’s fourth annual weeklong "festival of social justice" took place Jan. 30 - Feb. 9. Students, professors, clubs, and academic departments hosted dozens of events, featuring talks, workshops, performances, exhibits, and discussions.The Wicked Local published an article introducing 'DEIS Impact 2015. Read the article here. To read more about 'DEIS Impact 2015 click here.

Announcing the Spring 2015 Ethics Center Leadership Council (1/20)
This spring, Annie Fortnow '17, Emma Silver '17, and Sophia Warren '18 will be the "social justice street team," working to increase awareness of and engagement with the Ethics Center's resources, as well as promoting conversations about social justice within the Brandeis community. 

Innovative work by Brandeis faculty supported by grants from the CAST program (1/12)
The faculty committee of the minor in Creativity, the Arts and Social Transformation (CAST) has just awarded grants of $2,000 each to four members of the Brandeis faculty, for research and creative projects: Adrianne Krstansky (Theater), Judith Eissenberg (Music), Azlin Perdomo (Hispanic Studies, Romance Studies) and Ilana Szobel (Near Eastern and Judaic Studies). The awards will support creative and scholarly inquiry into theory and practice at the nexus of arts, culture and social change; enhance teaching and advising; and animate an interdisciplinary conversation about creativity, social justice and peacebuilding through the arts. Read more.

The 10th Brandeis Institute for International Judges: "International Courts, Local Actors" (1/4-1/8)
The Brandeis Institute for International Judges (BIIJ) provides members of the international judiciary with the opportunity to meet and discuss critical issues concerning the theory and practice of international justice. The 10th BIIJ took place in Malta in January, organized by the Center in collaboration with the University of Malta. Read more.

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