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Read more about Advocacy for Policy Change (LGLS 161b) here.

Advocacy awards continue to support student work

Nov 14, 2016

Lessons from innovative Legal Studies course applied outside of the classroom

Two Brandeis students have been awarded funding each to work on advocacy projects over the summer and fall following the “Advocacy for Policy Change” class (LGLS 161b).
Joseph DeFerrari '18, is working to support the treatment rather than incarceration of drug addicts. Lilah Kleban '17’s award-supported work focuses on the joint issues of women’s health and economic equity.
The Advocacy Awards are a component of Advocacy for Policy Change, an initiative launched by the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life in 2009. The initiative is designed to encourage students, as citizens, to bring moral and ethical insights to the process of making and revising laws.
Recently, this initiative expanded to a national program, ENACT: The Educational Network for Active Civic Transformation, which is currently active in 16 states.

An update from the Advocacy Award winners:

Joseph DeFerrari '18Joe DeFerrari '18

Over the summer of 2016, DeFerrari has been continuing his work with Bill H.3993, which aims to allow drug addicts seeking treatment to enter police stations without legal repercussions. Under the bill, individuals would instead be connected with a treatment program – part of a concerted effort to rehabilitate rather than incarcerate those struggling with addiction.

“I’m excited to get out into the world and create change with what I’ve learned,” says DeFerrari. “With regard to my specific issue, this class was the spark. I had no idea how bad the opioid crisis was. Now I’m fully invested in this bill and what it can do.”

You can read about DeFerrari's work with Bill H.3993 in the October 2016 Advocacy for Policy Change Anthology.

Lilah Kleban '17Lilah Kleban '17

Kleban’s work supports her senior thesis project, and is centered around Act S. 483, which aims to ensure full contraception coverage for women. The Act is primarily concerned with expanding women’s rights such that women may choose their preferred method of birth control, and addresses the combined issues of women’s health and economic equity.

Says Kleban about how her experiences in the "Advocacy for Policy Change" course led to the continuation of her project: “Learning to advocate for a cause has taught me how to actively engage with the issues that I am passionate about, and it has taught me how to actively find a solution. I am now working towards a definitive end, rather than an exploration.”

Read about Kleban's work with Act S. 483 in the October 2016 Advocacy for Policy Change Anthology.

Advocacy for Policy Change is a part of a new national program, ENACT: The Educational Network for Active Civic Transformation. ENACT is made possible by a generous gift from Ethics Center International Advisory Board Member Norbert Weissberg and his wife, former Board Member Judith Schneider. The program is also supported by the Rice Family Foundation.