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National Recognition for Voter Participation Achievements

Gold Seal for 70% - 79% ParticipationVoter Participation Earns Brandeis National Gold Seal Recognition

January, 2022

Seventy percent of Brandeis University students who were eligible voted in the 2020 presidential election, earning the University a Gold Seal from the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge, a national, nonpartisan initiative of Civic Nation, which strives for a more inclusive democracy. The work to achieve this milestone – an increase of 13 percent from the previous presidential election – was spearheaded by the VoteDeis Campus Coalition, organized by Leigh Swigart and David Weinstein of the Ethics Center in collaboration with the Office of the Dean of Students. VoteDeis is a nonpartisan initiative that since 2018 has brought together students, staff and faculty to coordinate, plan, and share information and resources for voter registration and participation. In the run-up to the 2020 election VoteDeis hosted in-person and virtual debate watch parties, shared voting information and resources, and created the “Why I Vote” video series featuring Brandeis students, staff, faculty and alumni, and President Ron Liebowitz signed the ALL IN Presidential Commitment, committing Brandeis to actively working towards the goal of full student participation in elections.

The Work Continues

VoteDeis is not done! This upcoming Fall, we are planning more events and a voter engagement effort building on the previous successful effort. “I got involved with VoteDeis ahead of the 2020 election to boost voting rates amongst the Brandeis community,” says Gabriella Lieberman ’23, a lead organizer of that effort.“Since that time VoteDeis has inspired an energized student campaign to change the mindset surrounding the culture of civic engagement at Brandeis University.”

Learn more, join the VoteDeis listserv and view the “Why I Vote” videos.