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Acting Together

From the boundary of human suffering and human possibility emerges a story that offers hope to our war-weary world. It is a story that arises on a contested boundary, but not the kind of boundary that divides people at war. It is rather the border between the violence and inequity of our current condition and the more just and peaceful world we seek, terrain where artists and peacebuilders engage people in creative acts of courage and moral imagination.

Acting Together, a collaboration between Brandeis University and Theatre Without Borders, has been exploring this terrain for the past seven years. The project documents peacebuilding performance, highlighting artists, peacebuilders, and community leaders from every continent whose rituals and theatrical works speak truth to power and support communities to mourn losses and build bridges across differences.

Witness the courageous acts of artist-peacebuilders in the documentary. Read their stories in the anthology. Plan peacebuilding performances using the toolkit. Join the Acting Together conversation, with your own acts of courage, compassion and resolve.  

Interview with Lee Perlman
Book: “But Abu Ibrahim, We’re Family!”

By Marine Furet

"I met Dr Lee Perlman by a happy coincidence last August, as we were both waiting to see a show at the Edinburgh Festivals, in the bustling hallway of the Traverse Theatre. We started chatting and he introduced himself as a writer from Israel, who had just launched a book in Edinburgh. The book was But Abu Ibrahim, We’re Family!, an extensive study of joint theatre productions by Jewish Israeli and Palestinian teams, published by the Tami Steinmetz Research Centre for Peace Research, based at Tel Aviv University, where Dr Perlman is a research fellow. The book was presented at the Shalom Festival as part of the Edinburgh Fringe, and Dr Perlman agreed to discuss some of his findings with Plays to See...

MF: What inspired you to study the role of theatre in peace-building?

'....Another inspiration has been a decade of participation in Acting Together, an international network developing and sharing knowledge about the arts as powerful resources for addressing social conflict and promoting reconciliation. There is a growing field of arts, culture and conflict transformation anchored in a number of universities, like the Tami Steinmetz Centre for Peace Research at Tel Aviv University...' " Read full interview. Purchase the book.

Recipients of Acting Together Small Grants for Course Development in Performance and the Creative Transformation of Conflict

The Program in Peacebuilding and the Arts is proud to announce the recipients of five small grants designed to provide support to college and university educators as well as trainers of theater practitioners support they need to incorporate the resources of the Acting Together Project into their course curricula and workshop sessions. The Acting Together Small Grants for Course Development in Performance and the Creative Transformation of Conflict were made possible by the generous contribution of Elaine Reuben '63.

Acting Together resources will be sent to educators and trainers in Canada, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nepal, and the Oglala Lakota College in South Dakota, USA.

Read more about the recipients and updates on how they are using the Acting Together resources.


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"Acting Together I: Performance and Creative Transformation of Conflict Volume I: Resistance and Reconciliation in Regions of Violence." New Village Press: July, 2011.

"Acting Together II: Performance and Creative Transformation of Conflict Volume II: Building Just and Inclusive Communities." New Village Press: November, 2011.

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