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Mary Ann Hunter


In the past year, Mary Ann Hunter’s family has grown and she accepted a new position at the University of Tasmania. Hunter has also been working with a number of colleagues in Australia to support the beginnings of an Asia Pacific hub for practice and research in the area of arts and peacebuilding. The project is connecting with artists in the region and beginning a research project about how government agencies and non-government organizations view and support arts and peacebuilding activities. The group will share some of these early research findings at the 2012 International Peace Research Association Conference in Japan, where Hunter is also looking forward to meeting more collaborating artists and researchers.

Hunter reflects positively on the incredible growth and international reach of the Acting Together project in the past year, including the whole collective of artists, writers, researchers, coordinators and all at Brandeis University and Theatre Without Borders. She sees that incredible community connections continue to emerge to deepen the extent and quality of practice in this vital area of peacebuilding work and artistic practice.

Acting Together Case Study:
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