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Dijana Milošević


In June 2011, Dijana Milošević celebrated the twentieth anniversary of her company DAH Theatre. Demonstrating her continued close ties to the Acting Together community, she invited Acting Together contributors Roberto Gutiérrez Varea and Daniel Banks to the celebration. DAH Theatre is currently working on a project called “Invisible City,” which started in 2005 and is focused on the theme of human rights and ethnic minorities in Serbia. Milošević explains that her homeland used to be a very multicultural society and when the country was established as Serbia, conflicts arose around the definition of what it meant to be Serbian. The project was created in response to growing sentiments of xenophobia. The show travels to cities across Serbia, and the company received a grant to perform across Europe,

Dijana Milosevic conducted a workshop
during the Peacebuilding and the Arts
Weekend Intensive. October 2011.

including Macedonia, Great Britain, and Denmark. Each show is adjusted to reflect the unique history of each city in which it is performed. The performances take place in public buses and trains. Activities are conducted with the audience to share stories of cultural exchanges and to bring light to the diversity of people living in each city.

Milošević helped host two screenings of “Acting Together on the World Stage,” one in September 2011 at the Playhouse in Londonderry and one in October 2011 at Beloit College in Wisconsin. Milošević is grateful to rely on the strong and active Acting Together network for support, resources, and inspiration.

Upcoming Events:

Institute for Actors and Directors
July 16 - August 3, 2012 
DAH Theatre
Belgrade, Serbia

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