Links and Resources

DNAWorks- Dialogue and Healing through the Arts, web site of Daniel Banks and Adam McKinney

Hip Hop Theater Festival, Brooklyn, New York

Put Me On It, Hip Hop blog posted in London


RESPECT Ghana, Refugee Education Sponsorship Program Enriching Communities Together

"Liberia's Uneasy Peace, Timeline of the Conflict: 1980-2003," posted on the web site of The Newshour with Jim Lehrer

"Liberians in Ghana: living without humanitarian assistance," by Shelly Dick, posted on the UNHCR web site

The HipLife Movement

Reggie Rockstone biography, posted on Ghana Base Music web site

Flight 808- Your Destination for International Hip Hop - Ghana

The Hip Hop Generation: Ghana's Hip Life and Ivory Coast's Coupé-Devalé, interview with Jesse Weaver Shipley of Bard College, posted on Afropop Worldwide web site

South Africa

Market Theater- Johannesburg, South Africa

The Sibikwa Community Theatre Project, posted on the Total South Africa web site

Flight 808- Your destination for International Hip Hop - South Africa