Kate Gardner and Eugene van Erven

Eugene van ErvenEugene van Erven has been researching theatre and social change since 1980. He is a senior lecturer/researcher at Utrecht University and author of Radical People’s Theatre; The Playful Revolution: theatre and liberation in Asia; and Community Theatre: Global Perspectives. He is currently the artistic director of Rotterdam International Community Arts Festival of 2011 and research coordinator and website editor of the Utrecht Community Art Lab (CAL), a facility sponsored by the city and province of Utrecht that aims to develop and investigate the rapidly growing community art practice. For Performance and Peacebuilding in Global Perspective, Dr. van Erven is conducting original research into community theatre productions designed to address relations between the Muslim immigrant communities and their non-Muslim neighbors in cities in the Netherlands. He is co-curating a chapter with Kate Gardner on international community theatre.


Kate GardnerKate Gardner is an artist and founder/director of Community Theatre Internationale and WorldEnsemble, ‘creating community across borders local and global. She conceived, produced and directed A Happening and BrooKenya!, an intercontinental grassroots soap opera involving 150 residents in Brooklyn, USA; Kisumu, Kenya; and Lima, Peru.  She has presented and taught at Brandeis University, International Center for Tolerance Education; First Latin American Conference on Education-Entertainment for Social Change; International Peace Researchers Association; International Community-Based Theatre Festival; and Youth Channel. She is also a writer and designer. 

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