6 minutes 

Doco Taking The Lead 2008

This doco was filmed during the Common Ground workshops delivered by Each One Teach One Crew in late 2008 in Sunnybank, Brisbane. The workshops brought together young people to record a hip hip song and produce a music video about building community harmony.


6 minutes

Takin the Lead 2008

The Common Ground soundtrack and video is the outcome of collaboration between artsworkers and over 30 young people from October to December 2008 in Sunnybank, Brisbane.


6 minutes 

Common Ground 2008

From the workshops in Sunnybank, Brisbane in 2007 and early 2008, the Each One Teach One Crew from Contact Inc produced this song and video in collaboration with over 30 young people. The Common Ground song won the 2008 QSong Australian Music Biz Hip Hop Award.