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Sri Lanka and the conflict

Definition of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Timeline, BBC

Peace and Conflict Timeline, Turning Points in the Sri Lankan Conflict

Popular Websites for Current Events

Sri Lanka News, Ministry of Defence


Official Government News Portal of Sri Lanka

University Teachers for Human Rights, Sri Lanka

Parliament of Sri Lanka

Important Articles

Ilankai Tamil Sangam: Association of Tamils of Sri Lanka in the USA report on end of Sri Lanka conflict

Amnesty International human rights report on Sri Lanka

"Sri Lanka: The Untold Story," posted on Asia Times Online

"List of attacks attributed to the Sri Lankan military," posted on Wikipedia

"Of a Norwegian Summer and a Viking Intervention in Sri Lanka," by Madhawa Palihapitiya

"The growth of Tamil paramilitary nationalisms: Sinhala Chauvinism and Tamil responses," by Purnaka L. de Silva, posted on Informaworld

"Ethnic Conflict and the Tamil Separatist Movement in Sri Lanka," by Robert N. Kearney, in Asian Survey

"The Tamil people's right to self-determination," by Dierdre McConnell, posted on Informaworld

"Nurturing a Nation on the Net: The Case of Tamil Eelam," by Ranganathan M., posted on IngentaConnect

"Sinhalese Buddhist Nationalist Ideology: Implications for Politics and Conflict Resolution in Sri Lanka," by Neil DeVotta, posted on East-West Center website

"Eezham Thamizh and Tamil Eelam: Understanding the terminologies of identity," by Akazhaan, posted on TamilNet

"The Cultural Dimension of Tamil Separatism in Sri Lanka," by Bryan Pfaffenberger, in Asian Survey

"The LTTE and suicide terrorism," posted on Frontline

"Chronology of Suicide Bomb Attacks by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists in Sri Lanka," presentation by Peter Chalk

"Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam," Council on Foreign Relations website

Pongu Thamil

Pongu Thamil event, Theatre Action Group, Jaffna, Sri Lanka, 2005

"Diaspora Tamils launch Pongu Thamizh 2008," posted on TamilNet

"'We want our land' - Second Pongu Thamil theme," posted on TamilNet

"‘PONGU THAMIL' Protest and Thivyan!" by S.M.Lingam, posted on Tamilcanadian

"Pongu Thamil in Jaffna," by K. Mylvaganam, posted on

"Reflections on the Pongu Thamil Festival in Toronto," by V. Anandasangary

"Pongu Thamil to attention circus," by Lucien Rajakarunanayake, posted by Sri Lanka Ministry of Defence

In Place of War Sri Lanka project

"Performance of pain, performance of beauty," by James Thompson, posted on Informaworld

Trojan women

Trikone Cultural Foundation

Dharmasiri Bandaranayake, posted on Wikipedia

"The Trojan Women descend on Lionel Wendt," by Ruwini Jayawardana, posted on Artscope

"Sri Lankan artist speaks about death threats by Sinhala extremists," by Panini Wijesiriwardana, posted on World Socialist Web Site

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