Read a review of the Acting Together documentary by Shoshana Zeldner, featured by the Compathos Foundation

“Acting Together” Documentary receives the “Spirit of Place” Award

“Acting Together” Documentary selected to receive a 2012 Telly Award

Praise From the Field

Read written reflections from university drama students and their professors Gabriel Weisz and Patricia Argomedo Weisz, Mexico City.

"I recommend the 'Acting Together' documentary to all involved or having an interest in transitional justice."
Richard Goldstone

"'Acting Together' will shift perspectives and change lives. It could transform the trajectory of human conflicts."
– Dr. Michelle LeBaron, University of British Columbia School of Law

"We in Northern Ireland take comfort in watching this film, in knowing we are not alone in this journey; there are many more cultures emerging out of conflict, genocide and war.....we have new tools to help us excavate our truths and our troubled pasts, to speak to them and to dare envision a future where our broken world will be healed."
– Pauline Ross, Director of Derry Playhouse, Northern Ireland

Acting Together Documentary

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Acting Together Documentary


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The Documentary

The feature documentary "Acting Together on the World Stage" highlights courageous and creative artists and peacebuilders working in conflict regions, describes exemplary peacebuilding performances and offers tools for the creative transformation of violence. The performances in the film illustrate that theatrical works and ritual are effective resources for non-violent resistance to injustice, for the rehumanization of former enemies and for acknowledgement, remembering and healing in the aftermath of mass violence.

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"Acting Together on the World Stage" grows out of a seven-year initiative of Theatre Without Borders, Brandeis University and filmmaker Allison Lund. The film includes vivid firsthand accounts of traditional and nontraditional performances in Argentina, Serbia, Uganda, Peru, the United States (New Orleans), Australia and Cambodia. Stories are told by artists, conflict resolution practitioners, and scholars who work directly with communities struggling to make sense of their past, heal their present wounds, and build a common future.

The film will inform and inspire socially engaged artists, cultural workers, peacebuilding scholar/practitioners,
human rights activities, development workers, students of peace studies and of theatre, and whoever wishes to better understand violent conflict and the power of the arts to engender social change.

The film comes with a companion DVD toolkit that includes expanded interviews and performances, as well as additional stories, discussions, and analysis. The toolkit also includes PDF documents with discussion questions and guidelines for planning, minimizing risks of harm, and assessment.

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