Read a review of the Acting Together documentary by Shoshana Zeldner, featured by the Compathos Foundation

“Acting Together” Documentary receives the “Spirit of Place” Award

“Acting Together” Documentary selected to receive a 2012 Telly Award

Praise From the Field

Read written reflections from university drama students and their professors Gabriel Weisz and Patricia Argomedo Weisz, Mexico City.

"I recommend the 'Acting Together' documentary to all involved or having an interest in transitional justice."
Richard Goldstone

"'Acting Together' will shift perspectives and change lives. It could transform the trajectory of human conflicts."
– Dr. Michelle LeBaron, University of British Columbia School of Law

"We in Northern Ireland take comfort in watching this film, in knowing we are not alone in this journey; there are many more cultures emerging out of conflict, genocide and war.....we have new tools to help us excavate our truths and our troubled pasts, to speak to them and to dare envision a future where our broken world will be healed."
– Pauline Ross, Director of Derry Playhouse, Northern Ireland

Acting Together Documentary

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Acting Together Documentary


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Multilingual Translation


NEW in 2020:

The Brandeis Peacebuilding and the Arts phoenix arises anew as we bring the scholarly rigor, insight and beauty of ATWS to the online e-learning sphere. Take a moment and visit our new website where the many multimedia and print resources are easy to access and download, and check out the new mini-documentary. The website offers information, resources for teaching and learning, links, and access to downloading the full documentary, which is available on a sliding scale. DVDs (including multilingual DVDs) can still be purchased via the ReCAST website.


Multilingual Documentary DVD

ReCAST, Inc. is proud to announce the multilingual version of the documentary Acting Together on the World Stage. Currently, the documentary is available in English, with subtitles in Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Sinhala, Spanish and Tamil.

Purchase now.

Many thanks to Brandeis alumna Elaine Reuben who has generously supported the multi-lingual translation of the documentary.


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Computer Playback Specifications:

  • DVD drive (8X or faster preferred)
  • Mac OSX or Windows XP/Vista/7 operating system (earlier versions untested)
  • 1GHz processor (or higher)
  • Video card and adequate RAM for video playback
  • Please close all other applications prior to play

Using computers with lesser specifications is possible, although performance could be adversely affected.

This DVD can be watched on a DVD player or on a computer. If you are screening for an audience and have the option of connecting a projector to either a DVD player or a computer, please choose the DVD player – the image will be more reliable. Note that the first sounds of the film are heard while the screen is still dark. 


If you’re interested in purchasing a DVD for a film screening event, please contact: coexistence@brandeis.edu.