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Read reflections and responses from our audience.

Allison Lund, filmmaker of “Acting Together on the World Stage”

“As an individual, I often feel powerless, a single flame. But in producing this film, in bearing witness to both horrendous crime and stunning ingenuity, I become part of the 'powerful fire' that Polly Walker evokes at the film's conclusion. Instead of casting my eye in resignation at the greed and rampant inequalities of my world, my gaze has been upliftedcandlesby the vitality that can craft responses to these problems, by the imagination that can inform justice seeking.....”
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Davis Performing Arts Center, Georgetown University 

"It is difficult to overstate how extraordinary the Acting Together on the World Stage project is as a curricular resource. The expansive range of the case-studies, the methodological rigor and forceful clarity of the writing, the luminous power of the documentary and the other accompanying materials, provide students with a window into so many courageous and transformative examples of theater and peacebuilding around the world, as well as concrete tools for their own work. My students have been deeply moved and directly inspired by these materials in their research and the creation of their own ambitious artistic and activist projects. Acting Together on the World Stage is one of those rare resources that is so indispensable that it is difficult to imagine teaching this kind of material effectively without it."
Derek Goldman, Ph. D. Professor of Theater and Performance Studies; Artistic Director, Davis Performing Arts Center, Georgetown University

Rena Sharon, Professor of Collaborative Piano Studies at UBC School of Music sent us a very moving email in response to our documentary, “Acting Together on the World Stage” after the March 2012 screening at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, where she is a Distinguished Scholar in Residence at Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies. We received a permission to share Rena’s response with our audience.
“…..If I have a right to make comment here, it is perhaps on this basis: As scholar in residence at the Peter Wall Institute this year, my intended project has been to work on building bridges of understanding between artists and the rest of the academic community. It has been my contention—recently given ballast by the funding cuts imposed by the Canadian government—that Art wears a sort of invisible burka in our society—suppression fueled by overt contempt that perhaps belies a fear of Art's mysterious power to trigger passionate shifts in hearts and minds.

It has been my experience in academia that artists play the role of jesters—possessors of realms of wisdom that are annoyingly prescient and penetrative, and confoundingly unquantifiable! My year at the Institute has allowed me to understand the problems of understanding across vastly different modalities and processes from both sides of the rift. It has convinced me ever more deeply that improving the productive work relationship between artists and researchers is of crucial importance to the comprehensive and integrated understanding of the human entity. Art (…) is our fundamental way of expressing interior experience, and as Michelle LeBaron has said, the way in which the “deepest unnamed substrates of a culture can emerge alongside universal mutualities" (LeBaron, 2003).

“…..Acting Together on the World Stage is a layered art form—an artistically-wrought documentary which transforms our understanding through its compelling presentation of artistic creations. Its blend of passionate commentaries and beautifully filmed performances is so fluid that an hour passes without notice while an immensity of profound new knowledge is absorbed and inhabited emotionally. The film presents such breadth, so much global history both known and erased, so many charged images and rich stories that to properly comment we would either have to sit mute for hours in stunned awareness—or talk until dawn…..” (Read the full text.) 


The Odyssey Theatre, Los Angeles,  October, 2011 (Screening event):

“It was a wonderful, stirring, and very thought provoking presentation...The film was deeply moving and really made me think about a lot of things, including my own life and place in this (…) world of ours.” 
- Peter Spelman, Mediation Lawyer

 “The work you're doing is so impressive—and the idea of bringing all these far-flung artists into a conversation, thereby creating a movement, is truly inspired.”
- Cyndy Turnage, Theatre Artist

Blog post by Global Theatre Project from screening event at The Odyssey Theatre, October, 2011:

“We must use our verbal, physical, visual, musical story-telling-gifts to move humanity forward. To progress. That progression will only occur when we do, truly ‘Act Together.’ When we take action to see and hear and feel one another in the telling of our stories. In the purging of our pain and in the development of our future.”
- Global Theatre Project Blog
Georgetown University Program on Justice and Peace, November 2011 (Screening event):
“Acting Together seemed to open [the audience's] minds and hearts to possibilities they hadn’t considered before, and inspired their curiosity and creativity.”
- Wendy Jason, Georgetown University Program on Justice and Peace
The Harold Clurman Festival of the Arts at Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York: September 2011 (Screening event)
“Tonight's event reassured me that there are many of us who feel a responsibility to the global community.  The artists I saw in the film provided inspirational examples of how REAL, tangible change can spring from something as simple as a person sharing his story.  When placed beside politicians, lawyers, and CEOs, artists are often brushed aside as the painters of pretty pictures (...) but the truth is that we hold immense power.  Our skill set is completely unique and our work is highly effective because, well,  our medium is humanity, isn't it?  We do not deal so much in numbers and answers, but rather in the pursuit of truths and still more questions.”
- Rachel, student at Stella Adler Studio of Acting
The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), drama students and their professors Gabriel Weisz and Patricia Argomedo Weisz, Mexico City: September 2013 (Screening event)
"The video 'Acting Together' allows us to corroborate how Political Theater is being done in different countries and enable us to see how it helps individuals that have to work in the reconstruction of  a social group. We formed a group called Sin-Frontera (Without Borders) to help in the reconstruction of the social network in Mexico City because it has been damaged by insecurity and the War against Drugs policy... Theater is a way of expressing oneself against oppression." Read more student reflections and a reflection from the professors.
Ángel, student at UNAM and activist with Colectivo Sin-Frontera