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Instructions for Toolkit

While the short videos can be accessed on either a DVD player or a computer, the toolkit's print documents can only be viewed on a computer, with either a Windows or a Mac operating system. 

If viewing print documents on a Mac:

  • Quit the DVD player application on your computer.
  • Navigate to the icon of the DVD on your desktop.
  • Double click to view contents.
  • Double click on "Toolkit Projector MacOSX" to launch.

If viewing with Windows:

  • Quit the DVD player application on your computer.
  • Navigate to your computer directory.
  • Right click on the DVD icon.
  • Choose 'open' or 'expand' to view contents.
  • Double click "Toolkit Projector Windows.exe" to launch.

Note: To view the print documents (PDFs), you must have adobe reader installed on your computer. Installers for both windows and MacOSX are included in the folder "Adobe_Acrobat_Installers" on the toolkit DVD.

Celebrating John O'Neal


The toolkit, or "Tools for Continuing the Conversation" is a second disc included with your purchase of the "Acting Together on the World Stage" documentary, and is designed to accompany and complement the documentary. The "Acting Together" toolkit includes 18 additional short videos, as well as 18 print documents:

  • The short videos expand on the material presented in the documentary, and feature additional stories and conversations among leading international artists and peacebuilding practitioners.
  • The print documents include guidelines for planning and documenting peacebuilding performance initiatives, discussion questions, policy recommendations, a glossary and other resources for teaching, learning and conversing.

The short videos can be viewed on a DVD player or a computer. The print documents can only be viewed on a computer. If you have a toolkit disc, and have any difficulty accessing these files, see the instructions on the right side-bar.
Whether you are an artist, cultural worker or peacebuilder; an educator or a student; a policymaker or a funder; we hope that the resources in the toolkit will inform, challenge and support you, and strengthen work in the field of peacebuilding performance.

Introduction (PDF): This toolkit document outlines all of the video and print elements in the toolkit, and gives details on four different navigational pathways.

Glossary (PDF)

Short video:  "A Powerful Fire": Transformative Potential of the Peacebuilding Performance Community

Additional Video Segments:

Newly posted>> "Analysis and Assessment
in Peacebuilding Performance:"
  1. Catherine Filloux, Cambodia: Theatre, Memory, and Grappling with Complicity
  2. Ana Correa, Peru: Performances and the Reclaiming of Identity
  3. Mary Ann Hunter, Australia: Cross Cultural Youth Peace Performance
  4. Roberto Varea, Argentina: Theatre and Resistance
  5. Augusto Casafranca and Ana Correa, Peru: Reconciliation Ritual
  6. Ana Correa and Roberto Varea, Peru: Performances Addressing Gender-Based Violence
  7. John O’Neal, New Orleans, USA: Performance and Social Change
  8. Polly Walker, Australia: Rituals of Reconciliation
  9. Charles Mulekwa, Uganda: Theatre in the Context of Oppression

Order your copy of the documentary and the toolkit now!

"Acting Together on the World Stage Tools for Continuing the Conversation" was developed with the generous support of the Nathan Cummings Foundation.

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