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IMPACT: Imagining Together

The Distinct Power of Arts to Transform Conflict

Strategic Priorities and Plans

Values and Discourse Principles

Learning Exchanges




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Artists Unite for a Green New Deal — USDAC Summer Call Series
August 8, August 22, and Sept 5



Listen: Think Tank Discussion on the Emerging ACCT Field
Hosted by the International Teaching Artist Conference (ITAC)


New Report- "Imagine IMPACT: An emerging strategy to strengthen the arts, culture, and conflict transformation ecosystem"

impact report


New Partner: International Community Arts Festival (ICAF)
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Learning Exchanges

Recognizing that many players in acct work in isolation and seek opportunities for connection and exchange, and building on the success of three online exchanges that IMPACT hosted with partners in 2018 and 2019 (one in Spanish), IMPACT has established the virtual learning exchanges team to envision and coordinate these global, focused online conversations.

2019 Learning Exchanges

In 2019, IMPACT is hosting four new virtual learning exchanges. The first learning exchange was hosted in Spanish and attracted over 130 participants from 21 countries across Latin America and beyond; the second learning exchange focused on higher education engagement in arts, culture and conflict transformation and gathered 43 participants from 15 countries across the globe. Learn more.



2018 Learning Exchanges

In 2018, IMPACT hosted two virtual exchanges that each attracted approximately 75 people and one in-person exchange with 16 people. Participants came from many parts of the world, and all sectors of the Arts, Culture and Conflict Transformation (ACCT) ecosystem, including artists, peacebuilders and funders. Read summaries of the 2018 Learning Exchanges.