Dignity at Work Task Force

Senate Charge to the Task Force

The Dignity at Work Task Force is charged with coming up with a draft policy on workplace bullying and other forms of disrespect and aggression, as well as procedures for adjudicating grievances on behalf of faculty.

In so doing, the Task Force will examine practices in peer institutions, scan the literature and interview faculty and administrators at Brandeis.

Dignity at Work Task Force Recommend Policies and Procedures (posted 2.20.2020)

The Nature and Consequences of Work Place Bullying (posted 2.20.2020)

Recommended Policies and Procedures to Address Workplace Bullying by or Towards Brandeis Faculty Members (posted 5.13.19)

Task Force Literature Survey of Research on Workplace Bullying (posted 1.31.19)

Task Force Members

Senator Carol Osler, International Business School, Co-Chair

Senator Larry Simon, The Heller School, Co-Chair

Senator Sarah Mead, Medieval & Renaissance Studies; Music

Senator Susan Holcombe, The Heller School (Emerita)

Senator Liuba Shrira, Computer Science

Prof. Marion Smiley, Philosophy; Politics; Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Prof. Chad Williams, African & Afro-American Studies; The Heller School

Senator Susan P. Curnan, ex officio, The Heller School