Senate Functions

Senate Tasks according to Brandeis Faculty Handbook

Definition: HOPVI. B.1 “The Faculty Senate is the representative body of the Faculty as a whole”

HOP VI. B.2.a “The Faculty Senate (or any member of the faculty by writing to the Faculty Senate) may initiate discussion on any issue relevant to the educational and research missions of the university or the provisions of this Handbook, including but not limited to academic freedom; the rights, responsibilities, work schedule, salary, and benefits of faculty members; university policies regarding faculty appointments, tenure, promotion, and dismissal; and university rules and regulations as they affect faculty”

Legislation: reviews, formulates, and introduces (HOP VI. B.2.i-ii); approves proposals for revision to the HOP to be placed on the agenda of the faculty meeting (HOP VIII a.i)

Oversight: Reviews activities of standing and special committees (HOP VI. B.2.iii) and receive reports from Faculty Representatives to the Board of Trustees (HOP VI.E.a.); Council may represent senate in discussions with President, Provost, Academic Deans, and other members of the university community (HOP VI. B.2.viid)

Representation: Annual survey of faculty (HOP VI. B.2.vii.c); Council may provide informal mediation of disputes involving faculty members (HOP VI. B.2.vii.c.iii); informal resolutions at Dean’s discretion (HOP VII.A.2.a-b)

Elections: Holds elections for senators (HOP VI. B.2.iv) and Faculty representatives to the BoT (HOP VI.E.c.)

Faculty Meetings: Runs faculty meetings (HOP VI.A.2-3); may call special meetings of the Faculty as appropriate (HOP VI. B.2.vii)

Committee Selection: Select faculty members for Committees (HOP VI. B.2.vii.e.iii; cf. HOP VI.D.1.a): Tenured and Promotion Committee (HOP V.A.4.i.7); 1 Senator on Strategy and Planning (HOP VI.D.2.a.iii); Four members of the Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities and alternates (HOP VI.D.2.d.iii); two appointed by Senate Council to Intellectual Property Review Committee (HOP VI.D.2.f.a)

Advise and Consent: Act in advisory capacity for creation of new deanships or discontinuation of a deanship (HOP IV.C) and in establishment or discontinuation of departments, programs, centers, institutes and other academic units (HOP IV.F; cf. HOP VI. B.2.v)

Advise in case of termination candidates for reappointment or promotion based on institutional need (HOP A.5.IX); advise in case of Suspension for Dismissal or Cause (Senate Council; HOP VII.C.1-2)

Advise and approve of selection of new Provosts (HOP V.B.1) and Deans (HOP V.B.2)