Gender, Sexuality and Queer Studies at Brandeis

Brandeis offers both a major and minor in women's, gender and sexuality studies, and a minor in gender and queer studies. See the online University Bulletin for complete course information.

In addition, several courses related to the topic of women's, gender and sexuality studies are offered by myriad academic departments throughout the university. Some samples of past courses include:

Department Course # Course Title
African and African American Studies AAAS 125b Caribbean Women and Globalization: Sexuality, Citizenship, Work
Anthropology ANTH 166b Queer Anthropology: Sexualities and Genders in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Classical Studies CLAS 140a Women, Gender and Sexuality in Greek and Roman Art and Text
English ENG 87b Queer Readings: Beyond Stonewall
History HIST 142b History of Sexualities in Europe
Near Eastern and Judaic Studies NEJS 148b Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Jews and Christians: Sources and Interpretations
Politics POL 125a Seminar: Women in American Politics
Psychology PSYC 160b Seminar on Sex Differences
Sociology SOC 115a Masculinities
Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies WMGS 140a Diversity of Muslim Women's Experience