Transgender-Specific Resources

This page details resources specific to trans individuals navigating Brandeis University. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Gender and Sexuality Center.

Gender-Inclusive Housing

Brandeis University is committed to providing safe and supportive housing options for students of all genders. This includes providing options that offer gender-inclusive housing and restrooms. For details, consult the university's Gender-Inclusive Housing Policy.

Gender-Inclusive Restrooms

All Brandeis residence halls are equipped with at least one single-user, gender-inclusive restroom. An additional 30 such facilities, in addition to a handful of single-user, gendered restrooms with locking mechanisms, can be found in university academic and administration buildings throughout campus. A complete list of locations is available on this website.

Name and/or Gender Marker Change

If you are legally and/or socially transitioning and need support or assistance navigating university systems, contact the Gender and Sexuality Center. For information about changing your legal name and/or gender marker in Massachusetts, consult the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition website.

Student Health Insurance

The Brandeis University Student Health Insurance Plan offers full transition-related benefits. Be sure to check with Blue Cross Blue Shield about specific coverages before seeing a doctor.