Institutional Support

Brandeis University's Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policy includes gender identity. Transgender students are also protected from discrimination under Title IX, per the U.S. Department of Education. For the full Brandeis University policy, please see the Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, Section 2.0.

Transgender Student Resources

This page details resources specific to trans individuals navigating Brandeis University. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Ryan Mishler, Administrator of the Gender and Sexuality Center.

Gender Inclusive Housing

At Brandeis University, all students, regardless of gender identity, may choose to reside together. Students may choose to live together in any double on a mixed-gender floor. East, North, Rosenthal, the Village, and 567 South Street all have mixed-gender floors. Upper class students agree to live together when they select a room together during Room Selection in the spring semester. There is no additional application process to reside in a gender-inclusive room. The full policy can be found here.

Gender Inclusive Restrooms

A full list of single-user, gender-inclusive restrooms can be found here

Name and/or Gender Marker Change

If you are legally and/or socially transitioning and need support or assistance navigating university systems or community, contact our office. To change your name or gender marker legally in Massachusetts, Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition has detailed instructions.

Student Health Insurance

The Brandeis University Student Health Insurance Plan offers full transition-related benefits. Be sure to check with BCBS University Health Plans about specific coverages before seeing a doctor.