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Macroeconomics, monetary policy, banking, central banking and financial regulation.


Stephen G. Cecchetti is the Rosen Chair in International Finance at the Brandeis International Business School, a Research Associate of National Bureau of Economic Research, and a Research Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research. From 2008 to 2013, Professor Cecchetti served as economic adviser and head of the monetary and economic department at the Bank for International Settlements. During his time at the Bank for International Settlements, Cecchetti participated in the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and the Financial Stability Board post-crisis global regulatory reform initiatives to establish new international standards for ensuring financial stability.

In addition to his other appointments, Professor Cecchetti, from 1997–1999 served as Executive Vice President and Director of Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York; and from 1992-2001 he was editor of the Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking.

Cecchetti has published widely in academic and policy journals, is the author of a leading textbook in money and banking, and blogs at

Professor Cecchetti holds an undergraduate degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a doctorate from the University of California Berkeley, and an honorary doctorate in economics from the University of Basel.


University of California, Berkeley, Ph.D.
University of California, Berkeley, M.A.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, B.S.

Courses Taught
  • ECON 282f Challenges in the Global Economy: Macroeconomic Policy and Finance
  • FIN 252f Banking, Central Banking, and the International Finance System
  • FIN 254a Modern Finance, Fintech and Beyond
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Awards & Honors
  • (2019) Honorary Fellow, Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis,
  • (2019) O. John Olcay Lecturer, Peterson Institute for International Economics, 2019
  • (2016) Honorary Doctorate in Economics, University of Basel, Switzerland
  • (2006) Keynote Speaker, Annual Research Conference of the Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transition
  • (2002) Ohio State University Distinguished Lecturer