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The 2012 Asper Center 3 Day Startup Challenge (3DS)

2012 3DS Highlights

Spotify: The first ever reward system on a dynamic platform and simplified iOS social gaming platform. A registered company with a product in beta.

HRMind: A B2B product that reduces talent acquisition costs by improving decision-making capability through Computational Linguistic Analytics. Qualified for MassChallenge, the nation's leading startup incubator. 

Teachify: Analytics software for high school students that tracks student progress, with customized drill-down feature for effective performance management. 

planIT: A B2C online service to help individuals plan customized date itineraries with friends and family.

Campus Tribe: A male version of HerCampus, a popular website written by and for college students. 

"Most students had not done any research before they walked in the doors on Friday, so this was truly an experiment in concentrated, out-of-the-box thinking," said Technology and Innovation Management Club President Guatam Chauhan, MBA '12. "It was a great example of Brandeis IBS' entrepreneurial spirit."

"Passion is an essential quality for a person's career, and if a project inspires me to want to come in early on a Sunday morning to tackle it, that's a healthy sign that it's something worth exploring." said Jessica Stanford, MBA '12.