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The 3 Day Start-Up Challenge (3DS): First in New England

Brandeis 3 Day Start-Up Challenge

The 3 Day Start-Up (3DS) program aims to create a living entrepreneurship laboratory on university campuses by bringing together students with diverse backgrounds ranging from freshmen to freshly-minted PhDs. Participants gain experience in cross-disciplinary collaboration, brainstorming and ideation, and group productivity, including ad-hoc leadership under severe time constraints. They also become a proud partner of a start-up, ready to be launched at the end of the event. To add to this, participants gain tremendous opportunities to network with mentors who are thought-leaders and experts in the field of entrepreneurship.

History of 3DS

Founded at the University of Texas, Austin, 3DS has been organized at various universities throughout the world. Past 3DS participants have launched 16 technology companies that have collectively raised more than $4 million in investment capital. Brandeis University was the pioneer in the New England area, organizing a 3DS event on a university campus in New England for the first time in 2012.