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Courses Supported by the Asper Center at Brandeis IBS

Asper Center Affiliated Courses

The Asper Center for Global Entrepreneurship supports a variety of Brandeis IBS courses that prepare students to become tomorrow's entrepreneurs. Funds from the Institute support courses such as:

BUS 230a, Entrepreneurship
Charles Reed

Addresses the fundamentals of starting and growing a business, including entrepreneurial finance and financial management. Covers theory and practice and includes presentations by speakers engaged in entrepreneurship, underwriting, and venture capital. The major assignment is a team project to construct a business plan for a startup company using actual data.

BUS 252a - Marketing Management
Grace Zimmerman

An in-depth exploration and practical application of the basic marketing tools of product policy, pricing, promotion, distribution, sales management, customer segmentation, and retention in order to analyze marketing opportunities and develop marketing programs for a variety of management situations.