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Latin America Initiative Partnerships & Opportunities

Latin America Initiative Students
Students who study at Brandeis IBS through the Latin America Initiative's partnership programs benefit from and contribute to our multicultural community.

Academic Initiatives

Through the efforts of the Latin America Initiative, Brandeis IBS maintains academic partnerships in its MA and MSF programs with universities throughout the region. There are currently three collaborations through the school's MA program with Universidad de Monterrey (Mexico), Universidad La Salle (Mexico) and Insper (Brazil), in addition to one MSF partnership with EAFIT in Colombia. Upon graduation, graduates from these partnership programs become part of the larger Brandeis University and Brandeis IBS alumni networks. 

The business school also offers students the opportunity to participate in overseas internships and academic exchanges. Partner universities for study-abroad include Brazil’s Fundação Getúlio Vargas and Mexico’s Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM).

Brandeis University was also selected as one of 18 U.S. academic institutions to participate in the new Institute of International Education's (IIE) International Academic Partnership Program, focusing on building higher education partnerships between the United States and Brazil.

Student Engagement

Latin America Initiative Internships in Brazil

Brandeis IBS’ involvement in Latin America is made possible through various connections with regional universities, scholarship programs and external associations. 

As one of four recipients of Steven M. Bunson Internship Grants, Rafaella Cuff, MA ’12 (third from left) soaked in the sunshine - and more than a few microfinance projects - in Bahia, Brazil, where she worked in development for ProWorld, a local cultural preservation and microcredit organization. Among other things, she managed loans for multiple clients ranging from street vendors to restaurant owners.

“Even as an outsider visiting shantytowns and poor neighborhoods, I was greeted with the kindness and humility of hard-working people in a fast-growing economy,” she said.