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Global Dexterity: How to Adapt Behavior Across Cultures Without Losing Yourself in the Process

Andrew Molinsky, PhD
Associate Professor, Brandeis International Business School

Becoming a global professional means not only acknowledging cultural differences; it means adapting your behavior in light of these differences. In this brief, I describe why it's so challenging to adapt behavior across cultures and how people can successfully overcome these challenges.

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Developing Networking Skills in Young Global Leaders

Andrew Molinsky, PhD
Associate Professor, Brandeis International Business School

Networking is a critical skill for business leadership. Yet for many young professionals working in the U.S., the behaviors required for networking conflict with their culturally ingrained values and beliefs. In this brief, I outline the challenges young professionals face when learning American-style networking and offer suggestions for how they can be successfully overcome.

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Clean Energy in Perspective

Warren Leon
Adjunct Professor, Brandeis International Business School

Warren Leon, Practitioner Brief: Clean Energy in PerspectiveClean energy is riding a wave of enthusiasm. Many business leaders, entrepreneurs, climate scientists, politicians, investors, and college students believe it promises strong investment returns, meaningful careers, and solutions to some of the world’s most serious environmental and economic problems.

Although clean energy is likely to have a bright future, will it live up to the more extravagant predictions of its boosters? What are the current reality and future prospects of clean energy businesses in the U.S. and abroad?

This paper provides an introduction to a wide range of clean energy businesses. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the great variation in those businesses, as well as in the economic and public policy contexts that influence clean energy development around the world. It warns against getting caught up in the hype about clean energy, while nevertheless suggesting that clean energy will play an increasingly important role in the global economy in the years to come. But for clean energy to reach its potential, leaders in business and government will need to act strategically and creatively.

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