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Rosenberg Institute of Global Finance Supported Courses

Rosenberg Institute Affiliated Courses

The Rosenberg Institute supports a variety of Brandeis IBS courses that prepare students to develop the information and ideas required to solve emerging problems in the financial sector. Funds from the Institute support courses such as:

ECON 203f, Advanced International Economics: Theory, Evidence & Policy
Elif Sisli Ciamarra

Builds on and extends the economic frameworks developed in ECON 201a and 202a, focusing on economic models that are fundamental to international macroeconomic analysis, policy making, and business strategy. Students apply data to these models and discuss research that applies these frameworks to macroeconomic questions. 

FIN 202a, Corporate Finance
Elif Sisli Ciamarra

Focuses on how companies make their investment, financing, and dividend decisions in a global environment. Examines the theory and practices of firms through a combination of current articles, problems in the text, and case analysis. Students will then have a firm understanding of how companies create value through their decisions.

FIN 263a, International Portfolio Management
Christopher Alt

A blend of advanced theory and state-of-the-art practice that has a dual purpose: to ground students in the theory of international portfolio investments, and also, to immerse them in the real-world application of global portfolio management.

FIN 288a, Corporate Financial Engineering
Daniel Bergstresser

Focuses on how financial engineering is used in firms to reduce their costs of financing, to alter their fundamental risk exposures and, in a handful of cases, provide them with new ways to compete. Primarily intended for students who plan to serve in corporate roles that will entail significant interaction with financial markets and institutions.