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International Immersion Programs for Hands-On Experience

Brandeis International Business School (IBS) offers several opportunities for immersion programs which take students on a learning experience around the world. 

Hassenfeld Fellow Overseas Immersion Program

The goal of the Hassenfeld Program is to introduce participants to the economies of dynamic overseas markets, which serve as meaningful case studies to illustrate important business concepts. Students learn about the countries through class work and discussion panels before traveling for a hands-on experience. Past trips have gone to Turkey and Cuba. This year, students visited Panama, Colombia, and Israel. 

Hassenfeld 2015 Trip to Panama

Students on the 2015 Hassenfeld trip to Panama visited the Bajo Frio Dam on one of many in-field excursions.

Panama Trip 2015

Straight off of the plane, students get to work. Meetings with local political and business leaders provide context on the country being visited.

Panama Trip 2015

Immersion trips allow students to network and fortify lifelong relationships while learning in a unique, experiential setting.

Turkey Hassenfeld Trip

Past trips have taken students to critical global economies including Cuba, Azerbaijan, Colombia, Israel and Turkey (pictured here).

Cuba immersion trip

Students who participate in immersion trips leave with a better understanding of in-class concepts, thanks to critical in-field experience.

World Financial Centers

Organized through our Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program, this immersion opportunity acquaints students with institutions of a different financial market, provides political and social context in which the market operates, and helps students develop tools to analyze real world questions that emerge from foreign markets. 

The one-week course includes presentations by high level officials from leading financial sector institutions, as well as professors from major international universities.

Before departing, the group attends lectures that give them their first perspectives on the focus country's rich history and culture, a key element to understanding its dynamic present. Past trips have visited London, Madrid and Paris, as well as multiple locations within Germany, Chile, and Poland. 

WFC Paris 2015

World Financial Centers trips provide students with on-the-ground insight into the intersection of business, politics & finance.

WFC 2015 Paris

Faculty work with students throughout the semester to frame their upcoming experience with guest speakers, historical lessons & more.

WFC Germany 2014

Past World Financial Centers trips have taken curious students to Germany, France, Chile, Poland and Spain.