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Global Reach: Our Diverse International Opportunities

At Brandeis International Business School (IBS), students take advantage of our globally-minded offerings and opportunities, from our more than 18 study abroad partners and immersion opportunities to our network of 2,200 alums located in more than 100 countries around the world.

Global fluency, to us, means more than language. It means having a firm grasp of cultural nuances; recognizing the interplay of economic, political and social forces; understanding the dynamics of cross-border commerce; and finding opportunity in volatility across global markets. It means knowing how the world works and being able to thrive in it.

Brandeis IBS’ student and faculty population is decidedly cosmopolitan; one recent graduate likened the school to an "Olympic Village.” More than 40 nations are represented and, while English is a common thread, a plethora of languages can be heard throughout the hallways on any given day.



The school's curriculum places an emphasis on the study of global business, finance and economics. Internationally-focused research institutes like the Rosenberg Institute of Global Finance and the Asia-Pacific Center for Economics and Business offer thought leadership on important global topics and attract exceptional leaders from around the world to share their experiences in academia, business, government and more. Learn more about our international focus and explore internationally focused courses.