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A Culturally Diverse, Close-Knit Community

A Close Community

Brandeis International Business School (IBS) offers a rigorous educational experience in the context of an inclusive, caring campus environment. Our faculty and staff always have their doors open to offer personal attention to students. Our wide variety of clubs and organizations fosters inclusiveness, bringing together students with interests ranging from photography to investing. Annual events like the Stock Pitch Challenge allow students to work together to enhance their business skills.

Cultural Diversity

At a school that represents more than 40 nations, our students take the initiative to organize annual celebrations like the Global Gala - complete with music, dance and food from their native countries. Events like this serve to make our international students feel at home while also exposing other students to a breadth of cultural traditions. 

Are you ready to be World Ready?

Faculty & Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

In today’s business world, collaboration produces big payoffs. Employers place a high value on the ability to lead diverse teams toward concrete goals.

Our intimate campus setting encourages students to form deep interpersonal relationships with faculty and peers. Classes are interactive, informal and typically small, allowing students to truly get to know their professors and one another. Frequent collaboration enables students to forge friendships with classmates from all over the world, further enhancing their academic experience and their long-term professional network. 

Building Global Networks

Brandeis IBS also provides opportunities for students to connect with prominent executives and entrepreneurs. Whether it is through facultyresearch institutions, and placement network, our various students come face-to-face with business professionals from all sectors of the economy, allowing them to hear unique industry perspectives.

Students benefit from the bonds they form through our vast alumni network. Alumni are regularly invited to campus to consult with students on their career paths. Networking events that connect students and alumni give our community members the opportunity to establish important corporate connections for their careers.