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Have a Minute? Learn How to Build Your Confidence

1 Minute Skills: Building Confidence

The most important piece of advice offered by successful business people is to focus on confidence and self-belief. Confidence is one of the biggest assets to career progression and can open new doors to challenging and rewarding opportunities.

Often, all it takes to feel more confident is a quick shift in thinking or change of pace. Here are three 60-second hacks you can use to boost confidence and reduce stress:

#1. Posture matters.

How you carry yourself can make an impact in certain situations. “Power posing” has been proven to make a significant difference to your well-being. A Harvard study found that holding your body in an expansive, superhero-like stance for as little as one minute releases a confidence-boosting hormone – testosterone – which can increase feelings of power and a greater tolerance for risk.

Before your next interview, exam or presentation, find a mirror. Stand up straight, tall and with your chin lifted and hold this pose for 60 seconds. By paying attention to your posture, you’ll feel in charge and ready to take on the task.

#2. Give yourself a pep talk.

In nerve-racking circumstances, it can be all too easy to allow anxious thoughts to snowball into anxiety-driven scenarios. However, positive affirmations –identifying and focusing on your important values – can reduce stress and increase self-assurance. One study even found that students who used self-affirmations before an exam performed better and scored higher grades.

Take a minute to acknowledge the positive traits, skills and capabilities you are able to bring to a daunting situation such as an interview or a big presentation. Again, it can help to do this aloud in front of a mirror. This article explains how to build affirmations into your daily routine for long-term results.

#3. Slow down.

On average, healthy adults take 12-16 breaths per minute at rest. Taking deep, intentional breaths can release tension and increase oxygen flow, which reduces nervousness. Try inhaling and exhaling about four to six times in one minute to restore calm, confidence and clarity of mind.

Also, in high-pressure situations such as interviews, you may feel obliged to rush your answers to appear knowledgeable and prepared. On the contrary, by taking a minute to ponder challenging questions and speak deliberately, you’ll feel – and appear to be – more confident and secure in your assertions.

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