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Evaluate Your Personal Branding

7 Steps to Landing Your Dream Job at a Company That's Making a Difference, Part 3

A company with a strong brand is always more memorable than one without – and the same goes for personal branding. Building your personal brand is a critical investment in attracting valuable, meaningful career opportunities. 

When recruiters eventually turn to Google to find out more about you – and they will – they aren’t just looking to verify what’s on your resume. They’re looking for confirmation that you reflect their company’s interests and values. 

It’s not difficult to establish your personal brand. It just takes time and careful inspection of the information you purposefully do (or don’t) share. Here are four ways to make sure your public persona creates a lasting impact: 

#1. Review your social media profiles. Your social media profiles might be the first thing a future employer comes across, so plug your name into a search engine and evaluate what comes up from the employer’s perspective. Delete any photos you’d be ashamed of if your parents saw them, or that long-lost embarrassing Tumblr page. Feeling overwhelmed? Start here: This article discusses how you can clean up your online reputation. 

#2. Match your personal brand to the organizations you’d like to work for. After your social junk purge, take a look at what’s left. Does your LinkedIn profile, personal website or blog match the vision and ethos of the companies you’d love to work for? If not, ask yourself if you are looking at the right companies. Otherwise, add keywords that represent your chosen companies’ values to your “about” pages. You might know how perfectly you’d fit in at their organization – but it needs to be clear to them from the get-go. 

#3. Start following, sharing and commenting. If you haven’t already, now is the time to get involved with what’s going on in your potential employer’s world. Engage with their social media pages and develop a digital connection with their brand. Not only will it put your name in the frame, but it will give you more insight into the company so that you’re interview-ready. As always, be professional – not spammy. 

#4. Remember, every profile can be searched. Make sure each of yours mirrors the unique values, voice and appearance that you’ve developed. (Your profile picture matters!) Given that your web presence is one of the first impressions employers have of you, it’s your best tool for standing out from the crowd in a positive, distinguished way. 

What’s next? Download the entire Landing Your Dream Job guide to get more useful tips. About to graduate? Consider our Accelerated MA program in international economics in finance, which is a dynamic launching point for your global career just one year after completing your bachelor’s degree.

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