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The Value of Volunteering

7 Steps to Landing Your Dream Job at a Company That's Making a Difference, Part 4

In following our Landing Your Dream Job series, you’ve thus far developed a good sense of which organizations and companies matter most to you. Perhaps you’ve started exploring the market to see what opportunities are out there. One thing you might not have considered is unpaid work, which leads to an important question: Is there career value in volunteering?

The short answer: yes. If you’re excited about certain aspects of socially responsible companies, social justice is already a part of who you are. And the best way to make it an integral belief is to actively participate. Not only will this bring you fulfillment, but it can benefit you by putting you in front of the right people.

To get the most out of volunteering, take on leadership roles. It’s especially important to find ways to use your skills or interests – whether in finance, marketing, economics, business, real estate or global relations – to showcase that you’re a knowledgeable and trustworthy individual who will help foster growth at that organization.

If you don’t have work experience in your chosen field, don’t worry. There are plenty of organizations that provide ways to give back to your community even if you’re new to the field. At the same time, be open to new experiences to increase your options and future opportunities. Use this resource to find volunteering experience in a wide range of cause areas, both local and virtual. 

Don’t hesitate to start your involvement. Search for groups that interest you and for organizations that align with what you feel strongly about – and then jump in. Don’t wait for the perfect scenario to materialize. Remember: This is your opportunity to bring valuable skills to the causes you’re committed to.

Searching for other ways to prepare for your dream role? Download our guide to see what to do next. Or, consider applying for our Accelerated MA program in international economics and finance. It’s a great way to jump-start your career right out of undergrad.

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