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7 Steps to Landing Your Dream Job at a Company That's Making a Difference, Part 5

A smart post-graduate job search requires a plan. Wildly shooting out resumes and cover letters won’t set you apart from the thousands of other candidates who are doing just that. You need to get mingling.

As we mentioned in Part 4 of Landing Your Dream Job, volunteering is a great way to put you in front of influential, well-connected people in the fields and organizations you care about. But it’s equally important to cast a wide net for the best chance of finding the right opportunity for you.

There are two particularly effective ways to start your search:

First, connect and grow from a built-in network. This is where getting your graduate degree – especially in a place with a global culture – can pay off. At graduate school, you can build lasting connections with professors who are experts in their fields, meet and learn from industry leaders in close, one-on-one situations and participate in immersion experiences that put you at the forefront of solving global financial issues.

Second, get in touch with industry leaders and find out more about their background and expertise. Put yourself in front of the leaders you want to learn from. Attending events is one way to do this, but social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn also make it easy to network if you don’t have in-person opportunities. Find your role models on social media and interact with them. See if you can earn an informational interview to gain inspiration from their stories – how they found and grew into their jobs, what challenges they face and what advice they have to offer.

Networking is just one of the many fundamentals to master in securing your dream job. Find out what they are in our free guide.

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