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Develop Cross-Cultural Skills

7 Steps to Landing Your Dream Job at a Company That's Making a Difference, Part 6

As you already know, your skillset plays a vital part in making you the best candidate for a job.

Of course, you want to make a sizeable difference in your career. And when looking for a career within a company that’s socially and globally minded, in particular, it’s important to widen your skillset in real-life situations. Why? It’s critical to be able to adapt yourself effectively and efficiently in any number of company environments.

To really hone in on skills that matter, here are a few things to consider:

#1. Develop a toolkit that will serve you well in the future. Mastering the nuances of business etiquette for the particular company or industry you’re interested in can help you make a good first impression when you get your foot in the door. Need a primer before moving on? Here are more basic skills you’ll need in the work world.

#2. Undergraduates: Get involved with international opportunities at your school. Take advantage of study-abroad opportunities. Learn a new language. Involve yourself with as many clubs and organizations as your schedule will allow – especially ones that focus on building cross-cultural skills and relationships.

#3. Working at a company with international scope? Go the extra mile. Communicate and build relationships with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds and who bring different skill sets to the table. Make an effort to reach out and learn from your peers, your mentors and your managers, and ask for opportunities to build your cultural IQ.

#4. Research a graduate program where the community culture is international. If you’re considering graduate schools, make sure to investigate the diversity, student culture, community values and international opportunities. Here’s how to do it.

For more tips on developing new skills and experience, download our free guide on preparing for a purposeful career. Ready to hit the ground running? Consider applying for our one-year Accelerated MA program in international economics and finance.

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