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Find Role Models for Your Career

Tips for Networking a Business Environment as a Minority

Brandeis International Business School (IBS) Director of Career Development, Marcia Katz, shares pointers for expanding your resources and developing your network. 

Join an affinity group.
You're in luck! Many of these groups exist in your school or community (including Brandeis). Many of these groups have undergraduate chapters and resources for students who aren't yet in graduate school, and offer exclusive internship opportunities, networking events and more.

Learn about groups for LatinAsianWomenBlack; and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender professionals.

Identify a role model.
Connect with members of your affinity group and attend seminars and networking events. In these groups and in your job or internship, identify leaders who model the behaviors and career trajectory you seek. It is more than likely that they can identify with experiences you've had or will encounter in your chosen field. In the workplace, these individuals are known as sponsors - they'll vouch for the work they've seen you do. Outside of your job, these individuals are known as mentors - they resemble you in some way, whether it's your background, work style, career goals or skill set, and can help you navigate your workplace and career. 

Further Reading
Katz recommends this feature from NPR on Code Switching. For more in-depth reading, try 
How to Network Like an American by Judy Shen-Filerman, and Reach: A New Strategy to Help You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone, Rise to the Challenge, and Build Confidence by Andy Molinsky

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