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Going Global: Part 3

Going Global Part 3: Does the Program Provide More Than Just Business Skills?

So far in the Going Global series, we’ve focused on finding diversity and real-world experience opportunities at prospective graduate schools. But while academic rigor, practical experience and field research prepare graduate students to succeed internationally, your chosen school should also mold your global dexterity

It may be surprising to find this as a differentiator in graduate schools, but it is arguably one of the best assets you can have. Global dexterity shapes a global mindset and a respect and understanding of other cultures, which will take you much further in your career. Here are the concept’s main principles: 

There’s no substitute for learning from students from around the world.
Make sure you’re preparing in advance for your global career by networking and building friendships with people from different cultures and countries. 

Learn from experts and leaders who bring with them a global mindset.
Don’t limit cultural exchange to your peer group; the program you’re interested in should provide opportunities to learn from different types of leaders, guest speakers, advisors and mentors 

Drop the books and pick up a fork.
Polish your soft skills to help you succeed in business environments outside the boardroom. Etiquette dinners are fantastic for learning proper customs when dining in professional situations. 

The goal of your graduate school experience isn’t just to earn a degree. You should choose a school that stands with you as you learn to approach the challenges of acting outside your cultural comfort zone. Andy Molinsky, Brandeis IBS professor and expert on global dexterity, puts it well: This is a remarkable opportunity to learn about ways to “gain an increased level of self-awareness and to acquire an expanded toolkit for handling these situations throughout our professional lives.”

Want to learn more about global dexterity and how it can lead to greater opportunities for you in graduate school? Download our guide to preparing for an international career, or check out our Accelerated MA program – a great path for students seeking a master’s degree in just one year after completing their undergraduate studies. Priority deadline for the Accelerated MA is March 15th. 

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