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Accelerated MBA

The Accelerated MBA provides students with an opportunity to gain an MBA degree and a fresh perspective on the business world through rigorous hands-on coursework in an expedited time frame.

1-Year Accelerated Program

Students with substantial work or managerial experience may transfer one semester of previously completed relevant coursework to the Brandeis IBS MBA Program allowing them to complete the program in an accelerated timeframe. Learn more.

Same Traditional MBA Offerings, Shorter Time

The program is taught by the same leading scholars and practitioners and offers the same courses, concentrations and degree as the Traditional 2-year MBA. Given the pace of the program, the ability to complete a concentration in the Accelerated MBA will depend on the student's prior coursework.

Advance Your Career

The Accelerated MBA is designed for professionals with substantial work or managerial experience. It is best suited for students pursuing a well-defined career path that builds on their prior experience.

Among the Best

Accelerated MBA students study at the Brandeis campus in Waltham – a short distance from Boston’s thriving financial center. The International Business School is part of Brandeis University, which is ranked #34 on U.S. News and World Report’s list of top universities. The excellence of the Brandeis MBA program is recognized by a number of publications.

STEM-Designated Data Analytics Concentration

A concentration in data analytics lets international students extend a 12-month post-graduate practical training experience by an additional 24 months. Learn more.

Career Options

The completion of an MBA gives students the knowledge, tools and skills needed to take their international business careers to the next level.

This unique combination builds on their professional experiences and connects them to top business practitioners, leading companies and organizations.

Accelerated MBA Curriculum and Timeline

The Accelerated MBA is one year in length and requires 48 credits completed at Brandeis IBS. Accelerated MBA students are required to transfer 16 credits of relevant coursework into the program to meet the 64 credit degree requirement. The Accelerated MBA program requires 34 core credits, some of which may be fulfilled by transfer credit. Students also have the opportunity to take courses at other institutions in the area in related fields.

If Accelerated MBA students have not previously completed an introductory course in economics and an introductory course in statistics, students will need to take them in the first semester in lieu of elective credits.

Sample Course Plan

Fall (20 credits)

  • FIN 212a: Financial Accounting and Analysis (4 credits)
  • FIN 203a: Financial Management (4 credits) — May be substituted with FIN 201a and FIN 202a, which is recommended for MBAs concentrating in Finance.
  • BUS 252a: Marketing Management (4 credits)
  • BUS 219f: Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior (2 credits)
  • Advanced OB Requirement (2 credits)
  • Electives and/or other required course(s) (4 credits)

Spring (20 credits)

  • BUS 272a: Operations Management (4 credits)
  • BUS 260a: Competition and Strategy (4 credits)
  • BUS 228f: Management Communications (2 credits)
  • Economic Environment Course (4 credits)
  • Concentration or General Electives (6 credits)

Summer (8 credits)

  • Internship or Field Project (2-4 credits)
  • General Electives (4-6 credits)
Other Required Core Courses

Advanced Organizational Behavior

At least 2 credits from:

  • BUS 222f: Global Dexterity (2 credits)
  • BUS 226f: Managing Global Human Capital (2 credits)
  • BUS 227a: Influence, Power and Identity (4 credits)
  • BUS 275f: Transnational Negotiations (2 credits)
  • HS 244a: Responsible Negotiation (4 credits)
  • HS 257b: Conflict Resolution by Negotiation (4 credits)
  • RPJM 113: negotiating and Conflict Resolution (3 credits, online)

Economic Environment

4 credits from:

  • BUS/ECON 265a: Business & Econ Strategies in Emerging Markets (4 credits)
  • ECON/FIN 243a: Technological Rivalry (4 credits)
  • ECON 207a: Managerial Economics (4 credits; permission needed)
  • FIN 235a: Investing in Energy (4 credits)

Business Analytics

4 credits from:

  • BUS 211f: Analyzing Big Data I (2 credits)
  • BUS 212a: Analyzing Big Data II (4 credits)
  • BUS 253a: Marketing Research and Design (4 credits)
  • ECON 213a: Applied Econometrics (4 credits)
  • FIN 217f: Corporate Financial Modeling (2 credits)
  • FiIN 218f: Portfolio Financial Modeling II (2 credits)
Concentrations and Electives

The number of Accelerated MBA elective credits depends on the student’s transfer coursework. Given the pace of the program, the ability to complete a concentration in the Accelerated MBA will depend on the student's prior coursework. Each concentration is 16-20 credits.

Class Profile


Median GMAT


Median GPA


Male to Female Ratio

7 Years

Average Work Experience

Accelerated MBA Admissions

The Accelerated MBA program requires students with substantial work or managerial experience to have completed four semester-long courses (or equivalent) at the graduate or undergraduate level and earned a minimum grade of "B-" in each course. The courses must have been taken at an accredited institution within the past 10 years. The graduate coursework must be in business, economics or finance. Business-related coursework in the areas of law, public policy or STEM will be considered. The undergraduate coursework must be upper-level (intermediate or advanced), or cover specific areas at the introductory level.

Interested to know if you qualify for the program? Complete our Accelerated MBA Eligibility Form and a member of the Admissions team will get back to you within a week to let you know if the Accelerated MBA program is a good fit for you.

Learn more by contacting admissions at 781-736-2252, or via live chat. The Brandeis International Business School (IBS) Admissions team looks forward to working with you.